Canada: Trudeau tries to deflect the media from “brownface””” Act To Banning Guns


The Guardiann reports Canadiann Prime Minister, the Socialist Justin Trudeau, is attempting to shift interest to his “brownface”” appearances whilst he was in college. The act of coloring your face quite dark brown and pretending i regarded as racist as daubing oneself with a mix of soot and grease for an look in the United States.

Considering the fact that this could outcome in a vote of “no confidence”” Trudeau is understandably anxious to take his paddle and cover it up, as the Bible says do. Even so, offered the history of gun handle in Canada. The chart beneath shows the outcomes when the Canadian Government attempted to impose gun owner registration and licensing. Felling far safer, Canada’s criminals had a field day which continues to this day.

I seriously doubt the tactic will be successfful. Canada’s violent crime price is twice the US, regardless of the virtual pan on handguns and strict regulation of lengthy guns.

Fiven that, Trudeau would have superior achievement just sshutting his mouth. Canadian scandals typically final to the weekend unless an individual lee[s storromg tje [pt. With gun control, Trudeau is not stirring with a spoon, but with a hand grenade.


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