Canik TP9 Elite Combat 1000+ Round Assessment


I was 1st introduced to Canik pistols 5 or six years ago. It looked like a fairly good pistol, and felt like one particular as well, but when I saw the price tag, I dismissed it. I believed it was just a fairly searching gun at a bargain price tag with bargain efficiency. Possibly, I believed, it could be a decent stash gun that does not get touched (anything I’m not a fan of) except for routine upkeep. Two years soon after my introduction, the Canik, which started life as a rental pistol, was nevertheless alive and kicking with thousands upon thousands of rounds down variety and minimal upkeep. Quite impressive for a sub $400 pistol. 

Quickly forward to early August of this year (2019) and I’m holding a Canik TP9 Elite combat topped with a Vortex Viper red dot. The 1st shots I took with this pistol have been on a C zone target 64 yards away. I actually pulled the pistol out of the case, loaded a magazine on my tailgate, and shot the 1st steel target I saw. With one particular round down variety, and one particular compact adjustment to the optic, I was hitting steel with each press of the trigger. 


Under are the specs and attributes of the Canik TP9 Elite Combat (per Canik):

  • Colour: FDE or Black
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 15+1, 18+1
  • Barrel Length: four.73” (threaded)
  • All round Length: 7.88”
  • Height: five.96”
  • Width:1.46”
  • Barrel made by Salient Arms International
  • SAI-made fiber optic front sight in red or green
  • SAI-made blacked-out rear sight
  • SAI-made magazine nicely
  • Enhanced combat trigger
  • Forward slide serrations
  • Ambidextrous slide release
  • three distinct sized magazine catch extensions
  • Striker status indicator


The TP9 EC appears like a pistol constructed for business enterprise. It is clearly not a run of the mill division situation pistol, but it is not so raced out that it is impractical for field use. I occurred to recieve the FDE version which, in my opinion, appears super slick. There are a quantity of black accented elements such as the magazine release and magazine nicely.

Aesthetically, I believe Canik did a fantastic job.


The package consists of every little thing you will need to have to get began except ammo:

  • Paddle holster
  • two magazines (on 15 rounder and one particular 18 rounder)
  • Speed loader
  • Many optics plates
  • Difficult case

Canik TP9 Elite Combat

Every little thing appears to be of superior excellent which is type of a surprise contemplating the price tag and the quantity of things you get. Even though the holster seems to be nicely created, I do not like the style. In reality, I do not know a lot of severe shooters who would contemplate an index finger release for a holster. Obtaining been witness to the consequences of an ND from a well-known index finger release holster, I would favor getting no retention at all if that was the only option.


The trigger is the highlight of this pistol for certain. It is smooth and crisp with a remarkably quick reset. I’m not certain of the pull weight of this distinct trigger, but I can say that it most likely will not be as well heavy for you. If it have been achievable, I’d swap out all the triggers on all of my pistols (with the apparent exception of my MARS 1911) for the trigger on this Canik.

Nicely performed, Canik.   


All round, I liked the ergonomics of the TP9 EC. The slide release was quick to attain and actuate without the need of accidentally locking the slide back. The magazine release was quick to actuate bare handed, and I’m certain it would be quick to actuate with gloves on as nicely. The corners of the magazine release have been nicely rounded and didn’t really feel like they’d catch or mar something. 

The one particular complaint I have about the ergonomics is the grip. It is as well quick for me. I identified that a superior portion of my firing hand (about ¾ of an inch or so) extends under the grip. I fully grasp that this pistol is intended as a combat handgun and is not a competitors gun, so they have been most likely attempting to decrease the type issue as substantially as achievable, which I contemplate a affordable method. 

Canik TP9 Elite Combat

I shot hundreds of rounds out of the TP9 EC more than two variety sessions operating every little thing from style USPSA stages to slow, precise, fire at distance. In each instance the TP9 EC did fairly nicely and exhibited no important shortcomings. 

Canik TP9 Elite Combat


I definitely enjoyed my time with the TP9 EC. I was enamored of the look, pleased with the efficiency, and shocked by the trigger. For a higher efficiency combat pistol that you could snag for about $650, I’m confident you couldn’t do any greater than a Canik TP9 EC. Do oneself a favor and place a box of rounds by way of one particular. I’d be interested to hear what conclusions you come to.


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