Custom AR15 with Brand new Daniel Defense barrel.



Promoting this higher-finish custom AR15 exactly where the FDEs occur to match. Its effectively worth 1500 dollars listing price tag is 1200, 1000 for this weekend

Key components integrated:

Brand new Daniel Defense barrel
Geissele handguard FDE
Geissele gas block
Sig decrease with constructed-in QD holes
Aero upper
Radian Ambi charging deal with FDE
BCM stock FDE
Surefire flash hider
Mil Spec trigger with JP enhanced springs. Feels like a four to five pound trigger incredibly smooth.
Ambi security
Enhanced bolt release
Extended mag release FDE
Magpul grip
Magpul MBUIS sights
Rail Skails Karve-P hand quit
KNS trigger pins
The decrease reciever and handguard are slightly made use of and have minor scratches in the anodizing. The upper receiver and barrel are brand new never ever fired.

Almost everything was place with each other by a skilled gunsmith so you do not have to be concerned about create good quality.

Rifle weighs about six three/four pounds

If you are interested in obtaining please text me at 801-759-9173 should have Utah drivers license and be prepared to sign bill of sale.


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