Episode 242 - Equipping Modern PatriotsJonathan Hollerman stops back by to talk about his book series Equipping Modern day Patriots. We cover every thing from him as an author to his most significant prepper fiction pet peeve.

From the episode 237, you know Jonathan as the former Air-force SERE instructor turned survival retreat consultant. He requires a really hard appear at preparedness and judges tactics and methods against his experience seeing some of the worse human traits in action.

And he’s created it his individual mission to teach other individuals how to prepare for the worst-case scenarios. As we covered previously, he’s written a nonfiction manual.

But he’s also written a fiction series titled Equipping Modern day Patriots. In his book series, he requires you on a journey in order to teach readers survival lessons. These are the elements of survival he feels are most essential and overlooked. Most notably is human desperation and how fantastic men and women can do horrible atrocities.

Equipping Modern day Patriots Subjects Covered:

  • How he came to writing
  • Illustrating the really hard selections men and women ought to make in a collapse
  • Lessons discovered as a SERE instructor and woven into his fiction books
  • Hollerman’s thoughts on what’s incorrect with most prepper fiction
  • What a single piece of gear
  • The most significant point he believes most preppers get incorrect
  • Elements of his preparedness that changed after writing this series
  • His prepper fiction author pet peeve
  • His go-to rifle and why

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