Episode 243 - Prep For Your SHTF DogJill Powell of Remanent Canine 360 drops back by to share with how to take care of your SHTF Dog really should the globe go mad. You study all about seldom discussed meals storage and medicine for dogs.

Your SHTF dog could be 1 of your top rated assets in a globe gone off the rails. Their senses are way much better than ours for discovering and warning you about a danger. Lots of will fight to the death to defend you and your family members. And, let’s face it, they’re a lot more loyal than anybody in your prepper group.

Preppers commit endless hours and dollars placing points away for themselves. And we’ve discussed instruction your prepper SHTF Dog to be an asset in the previous.

But what about storing meals and medicine for them?

Our lack of preparation for them could turn an asset into a liability. So let’s dive into our companion’s desires a bit a lot more to make sure they’re survival as well.

Storing Meals and Medicine for SHTF Dog Subjects:

  • The crazy truth about storing dog meals in the original bag
  • How lengthy does dog meals keep very good for when correctly place way
  • The finest way to retailer dog meals for brief and lengthy-term use
  • Their 3 most prevalent initially-help desires
  • Standard health-related supplies to pack away for your finest pal and private protection dog
  • Option medicine and initially help things for your SHTF dog
  • Other things to take into consideration for your dog’s BOB

Major 10 Products Preparing for an Emergency and Program for Your Pet

  1. Water
  2. Meals
  3. Medicines
  4. Proof of Ownership
  5. Proof of Vaccinations
  6. Emergency Assist List
  7. Leashes/Pet Carriers
  8. ID Tags (Microchipped and Collars)
  9. Dog Very first Help Kit
  10. Creature Comforts (Blankets, Pet Bed, Toy)
  11. Pet Inside Sticker for Emergencies inside your house such as a fire, and so on.

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