Our pretty personal SoCal Jack sends his Spending budget Chest Rig gear now for our Friday edition of Each day Carry’s Pocket Dump of the Day.

He writes:

I’ve been testing this for hiking and mountain biking. In the key compartment, I made use of stick on velco sheets to hold in location a repurposed holster and velcro created mag carrier. In the secondary, outdoors compartment, also with stick on velco sheets, I have the M-Tac organizer (velcro backed), knife, light, telephone, and CCW ID (not shown). Due to the compact zipper opening of the key compartment, the holster and mag carrier are angled far more vertical than diagonal for rapid unholstering. Diagonal would be improved. I changed out the original clancy plastic zipper pulls for quieter paracord. The bag, velcro and organizer came out to $36, so far it is holding up and I would not add any longer load. My Camelbak, not shown, holds all the other stuff.

He is experimenting, which is excellent.  Do not just invest in anything and commence carrying it.

He’s got a good collection of the fundamentals.  S&ampW Shield 9mm, and added mag with a Hyve +two (welcome to California), a Streamlight 1AA flashlight and a Gerber folder.  The rest is mainly just window dressing.