Survival Medicine Hour: Sleep Deprivation, Turmeric, “Tactical” Tampons


Sleep Deprivation can influence your judgment at the worst instances

Just back from a trip to the United Kingdom, Amy Alton ARNP and Joe Alton MD go over some subjects not not too long ago covered in prior shows. Sleep deprivation is a significant problem: Some researchers think that it carries overall health dangers approaching that of cigarettes or heart illness. The mental and physical deterioration that sleep deprivation causes can break you: So considerably so, that it is been applied as a technique of torture. The CDC estimates that up to 50-70 million Americans endure from some type of sleep disorder. The Altons go over sleep issues as an problem that can negatively influence your probabilities of survival in disasters, and provide some recommendations (may possibly even enable you evening shift workers).

A significant alternative?

Also, from time to time you will find  the persistent notion on social media that tampons, the feminine sanitary solution, are an fantastic addition to your health-related kit. Lots of, generally second- or third-hand, swear that these things saved the life of a soldier simply because a savvy medic created positive to carry what some get in touch with a “tactical tampon” in his pack. Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy have their personal thoughts on the subject…


Lastly, the Indian spice turmeric is a lot more than just an ingredient in a decent curry: It has medicinal properties as effectively. Dr. Alton discusses the doable, though not totally established, rewards of possessing some as component of the all-natural section of your health-related toolshed. In instances of difficulty, you may possibly have to rely on all-natural substances when the medicines run out.

All this and a lot more in the most recent Survival Medicine Hour with Joe Alton MD and Amy Alton ARNP!

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Joe and Amy Alton

The late, excellent
R. Lee Ermey and Amy

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