Tips for Camping with Your Dog


Going camping with you dog? Did you pack everything you’ll need? In this article we will discuss what’s necessary to bring with you plus some tips.

tips for camping with your dog

You have a camping trip planned and you have to decide what to do with your dog. You could leave him with family or friends, or you can bring your little friend along with you! Vacationing with your pets isn’t always easy, but it can be rewarding.

When you’re preparing your necessities for the trip, don’t forget about your dog. They need a collar, leash and food, among other things.

Is Camping Right for Your Dog?

Before you decide to take your dog into the great outdoors, consider their breed. Not all pups are the best match when camping. The size and breed of your dog doesn’t really matter. The obedience and character of your dog is what’s important.

Be honest when you ask yourself questions about your dog. It can be what makes your camping trip memorable for good reasons or bad. Consider the following questions when making a decision:

Does your dog bark a lot? 

Being woken up by a dog barking, especially at nothing, is unpleasant for anyone.

If your pup likes to be vocal, you should search for a campsite with plenty of open space. This gives you more room to set up away from others and not risk disturbing them.

Is your dog defensive against pets or people?

Nobody wants a dog attacking them or their pets. If your canine friend likes to assert his dominance with aggression, they should be on a leash for the entirety of the trip.

However, other dogs may still approach your dog in a friendly manner. Because of this, consider adding a muzzle to your travel checklist.

If you still think there would be a problem, perhaps going into the wilderness is preferred over a campground.

Does your dog come when called?

Dogs are naturally curious. Yours might roam around to get acquainted with their surroundings.

When you call your dog’s name, they should come to you. If they don’t, keeping them on a leash is ideal.

Does human food tempt your dog?

Delicious smells peak the interest of dogs. Be considerate of where you leave your food.

Likewise, be aware of where your furry friend sneaks off to. Neighboring campers would prefer to eat their dinner themselves, not have your dog eat it.

How does your dog handle being on a leash?

Not all pets can stand being on leashes. If your dog is one of them, camping in the wild is your best bet. Many campgrounds that allow pets require them to be on leashes. They don’t allow free-roaming dogs.

What Do You Plan to Do While Camping?

So you’ve decided that your pooch is a good fit to join you on your weekend getaway. Now consider what you’ll be doing. This helps determine if taking your dog is actually the best thing for him.

It’s a bad idea to leave your companion unattended. If spending your time touring a town or their attractions is on your agenda, leaving your dog at home is probably the right move. There are plenty of activities that are a perfect fit for your pup.

What To Bring and What To Do While Camping

You want to make sure you remember everything before leaving for your trip. Following this list can help you when packing and during your vacation.

  1. Make sure the campground or the area you’re camping is pet friendly.
    • Some campgrounds are pet free. You may be required to keep your dog on a leash at all times. Check this before leaving!
  2. Bring plenty of food and water!
    • Dogs need to stay hydrated just like we do. It’s especially important during long journeys or on hot days. Pack enough for you and your furry companion. Avoid letting them drink standing water or salt water, as they can get sick.
  3. Bring a collar or harness, and a leash.
    • As stated earlier, some places require your dog to be leashed. Some people are also nervous around free-running dogs. Additionally, this will keep your dog close and avoid them from engaging with wildlife like bears.
  4. Be sure to pack toys.
    • Your dog needs some entertainment in down time. Adjusting to a new place, even temporarily, can be tough for dogs. Bring their favorite toy to help with their anxiety and adjustment.
  5. Bring a spacious tent. 
    • Smaller tents will give you less room for comfort. And if you let your dog in, you won’t be able to move. A bigger tent also gives you more space for storing your belongings while you’re on your trip.
  6. Don’t forget a dog brush.
    • Grooming your pooch helps prevent some dog health issues or at least spot them before they get serious. Not only that, but it helps keep your little one stay cute.
  7. Protect your dog’s paws.
    • Dogs’ paws can be harmed from hot ground or snow. Consider getting a pair of “dog booties” for your trip. Their paws are sensitive and need to be taken care of.
  8. Wet weather? No problem!
    • Tents act as a dry place to still spend time with your pet outdoors. Consider taking an adventure while it is raining. You might find some hidden treasures since most people won’t be out in the rain.
  9. Know how to administer first aid to your pet.
    • Bringing a first aid kit is beneficial. It’s better to have one and not need it than need one and not have it. A basic first aid guide will be useful as well. There are plenty of courses that teach providing first aid to pets.

Overall, be honest with yourself when determining if you should take your dog camping. Follow a checklist of things to take with you. Don’t be afraid to do some research.

Be safe and enjoy yourself!

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