Topo Athletic Terraventure two Trail Shoe


By Will Rietveld

As I have repeatedly mentioned, if you are into ultralight
backpacking, or day hiking, you must be working with ultralight footwear. You do not
will need to put on these three-pound boat anchors. According to US Army investigation, taking
1 pound off your feet (.five pound off each and every 1) is equivalent to taking six.four
pounds out of your backpack. Not to belabor the topic, but assuming it requires
about two,000 actions to stroll a mile, and if you are wearing footwear that weigh 1
pound much less, that is 1,000 pounds that you are not lifting with each and every foot, per

That is why we suggest a trail operating shoe for ultralight
backpacking and hiking. And not just any ordinary trail runner will do we
favor ones with a wide toebox, snug heelcup, all synthetic building for
fast drying and light weight, superior cushioning, a superior rock plate for stiffness
and stability, and an aggressive outsole for superior traction.

That formula leads me to Topo Athletic footwear. They have all
the correct attributes, by my criteria. I have wide feet so I specially like the
wide toebox of Topo trail footwear. Even so, I’m pretty representative of
ultralight backpackers and trail runners, who like to have further area in the
toebox for their feet to spread out with no scrunching.

I reviewed the originalTerraventure back in 2017 and seriously liked them. Now we have the
Terraventre two what are the improvements and how do they carry out for ultralight
backpacking and trail operating?
The updated Topo Athletic Terraventure two shoe weighs just 10.eight ounces/shoe (men’s 9) and eight.two ounces/shoe (women’s 7) and has all the preferred options for ultralight backpacking and trail operating. (Topo Athletic photo)

Specifications and Functions

Terraventure two Trail Shoe

10.eight oz/shoe (men’s 9), measured weight men’s 12: 12.9
oz/shoe, eight.two oz/shoe (women’s 7), measured weight women’s six.five: eight.six oz/shoe

Welded and adhesive building, Vibram XS-Trek outsole six
mm deep, Ortholite antimicrobial insole five mm thick, rock protection plate,
two-density injected EVA midsole 14 mm at the heel and 11 mm at the ball, totally
gusseted tongue, nylon mesh upper with printed PU reinforcements, drainage
ports, Topo gaiter attachment points

25 x 22 mm, three mm drop



According to the Topo Athletic
web site, these footwear are medium for cushioning, medium for assistance, and medium
+ for stiffness. I do not have that info for the original Terraventure,
but it appears to be about the very same.

The stack height and drop are the
very same, three millimeters.

The Terraventure two is a tad
heavier than the original, 10.eight oz/shoe compared to 10.two oz/shoe for men’s size
9. So exactly where is the further weight? The answer appears to be that it is distributed
in upgrades via the shoe.

The mesh in the upper is soft and
extremely breathable, extremely comparable to the prior version, but the TPU overlays are
a small extra generous and thicker. The lace loops are a heavier mesh so the
laces slide via less difficult, and the addition of drainage ports and gaiter
attachment points adds a small weight. Also the insole is extra substantial
than the prior 1. I had a trouble with the old 1 bunching up for the reason that it
was so thin.

The outsole in the new version is
the Vibram XS-Trek, which is six millimeters thick like the old shoe. The midsole
is extra abrasion resistant on the sides exactly where its exposed.

General, the Terraventure two appears
to embody a list of upgrades and tweaks discovered from the encounter of the original
shoe – enhanced supplies and design and style options to make it even much better. It adds
up to getting a bit beefier than the original. So, is there a noticeable
distinction in functionality?

Field Testing

I tested the Terraventure two on 12 trips, consisting of day hikes, trail runs, and two multi-day trips. On the backpacking trip these photographs had been taken on, I hiked down steep vegetated slopes, sliderock, brush, and mud the footwear came via a small dirty but unscathed.


General, the functionality of the
new Terraventure two is a level larger than the original, which I anticipated provided
the improvements described above. The specifics study significantly like my critique of the
original Terraventure, which I include things like right here for comfort.

Match – The match is
the very same as the original Terraventure, which means a wide toebox and snug heelcup.
Considering the fact that my measured shoe size is a 12-E, I identified the toebox none also wide. I had
to put on thin socks in them to stay away from scrunching my toes. The wide toebox is a
welcome function for hikers for the reason that their feet pancake out on prolonged hikes.

Breathability – Original Terraventure (correct) and Terraventure two (correct). The mesh nylon upper is extremely comparable in each footwear and delivers superior breathability only a coarse mesh upper would offer extra. I wore the footwear hiking with temperatures in the low 90s in relative comfort. I reported 1 disadvantage of the original Terraventure is fine sand will sift via the mesh, which was an annoyance. I did a fast test of the Terraventure two and it seems to be extra impervious to sand, but some did come via. Also, a scant quantity of trail dust comes via in the toe location.
Traction – The Terraventure 2’s Vibram XS-Trek six mm rubber outsole (bottom) has a extremely aggressive and open tread, and like the original (top rated) it has outstanding traction and durability.

Stability – The
forefoot TPU rock plate insulates my feet from sharp rocks, although supplying the
correct quantity of stiffness for edging. For downhill hiking I like to tighten the
laces more than my instep to protect against toe jamming, and the lacing method holds firm
in that place with no slipping. Note that the Terraventure two has slightly
reduce stability rating than the Ultraventure and Mtn Racer, which are also superior
footwear for hiking.

Comfort – The EVA
midsole is 14 mm in the heel and 11 mm at the ball. I identified cushioning to be
extremely superior, but not as superior as the Topo Ultraventure and Mtn Racer.

Durability – The Terraventure two (top rated) is amazingly tough. I mentioned that for the original Terraventure (bottom), but immediately after months of continued use I managed to put on a hole in the mesh at the fifth metatarsal head (the widest element of the forefoot on the outdoors). Hiking off-trail and sliding down scree slopes (I contact it scree skiing) puts a lot of put on on that exposed location. The new version is similarly exposed at that place, but no harm is evident but. Following numerous days of hiking on rough trails, off-trail bushwhacking, and some trail operating, the uppers appear like new and the outsoles are only lightly worn.
Topo Gaiter —  Topo’s gaiter is made to hook to mounts on the back of the heel. They attach with a twisting motion, nevertheless it is difficult to attach them with the footwear on. I resorted to leaving the gaiters attached to the shoe, then sliding my foot via the gaiter and into the shoe, which worked effectively. The hooks on the gaiter (two in back, 1 in front) sometimes came loose when I bushwhacked off trail, and did not entirely retain debris out of the footwear. 


The Terraventure two is a Plus 1 more than the original
Terraventure I previously reviewed, which is 1 of the very best hiking footwear I
have tested. Their wide toebox is what permits me to put on them in the initially
location, and all of their options add up to a close to fantastic shoe for ultralight
backpacking and day hiking. For their minimal weight their match, comfort,
traction, and durability are awesome.

I seriously like no-stitch upper building. More than the years I
have tested and reviewed many hiking boots and footwear, and identified the nemesis
is abrasion wearing the stitching via, then the seam coming apart. With
no-stitch building that sort of failure is eliminated, but the mesh upper
is nonetheless vulnerable to harm if it is not adequately protected on the sides.

The Terraventure two is 1 of the most tough trail operating
footwear I have tested, and I have tested a lot. I typically finish up with holes in
the mesh in footwear with mesh uppers, but the Terraventure’s nylon mesh upper is
primarily unscathed, so far. It aids a lot to have a superior polyurethane rand
just above the outsole to shield the upper, and in distinct a polyurethane
overlay at the fifth metatarsal head, as described above.

The aggressive traction outsole is an additional element of this
shoe I specially like. It delivers phenomenal traction, which is a necessity
for hiking. At the finish of my testing, there is nonetheless lots of life left in the

For a shoe made to offer stability on rough trails,
the Terraventure two is on the lighter finish, which I also appreciate. Topo has
identified a way to maximize the functionality of the Terraventure with the least
quantity of weight.


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