5 Ruger Details You May possibly Not Know


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The name Ruger (shortened from Sturm, Ruger &amp Organization) is ubiquitous in the shooting sector.

Their Ruger Mark 1 pistol is practically as recognizable as their iconic phoenix logo, and due to the fact their founding seven decades ago, Ruger has turn into the biggest producer of firearms in the United States.

From the pervasive Ruger 10/22 to a wide variety of revolvers and far beyond, the guns of Sturm, Ruger &amp Co. have permeated just about every corner of the American shooting market place.

In honor of their 70th anniversary, let’s take a appear at 5 intriguing Ruger details about the firearms giant you may perhaps not be familiar with.

1. Ruger was practically the owner of the patent for AR-15 rifles.

Ruger facts - AR-15
Supply: Ruger

Armalite Chief Engineer Eugene Stoner spoke with Ruger in the late 1950s in an try to interest the manufacturer in licensing and making the Armalite Rifle, or AR-15.

Ruger eventually passed on making the cutting-edge semiautomatic rifle, and Colt stepped in and purchased the rights to the AR-15.

Colt later sold the design and style to the United States military, which renamed the rifle the M16.

Although some may perhaps view that initial passing as a error, currently Ruger produces one particular of the most well-liked AR models on the market place: the AR-556.

two. Ruger’s very first digital news announcement was for the .480 Ruger.

Ruger facts - revolver
Supply: Ruger

Way back in December 2001, Ruger published their very first news announcement on their site. It heralded the coming of the caliber .480 Ruger, the incredibly very first cartridge to bear the Ruger name.

In the post, Ruger also announced the Ruger Super Redhawk revolver chambered in .480 Ruger, a gun geared toward major game hunters.

three. Ruger after developed heads for golf clubs.

Ruger facts - golf course

Not restricted to merely firearms and ammo, Ruger-manufactured golf club heads to be employed on Callaway golf drivers.

The enlarged heads, crafted of titanium, have been developed by Ruger’s investment castings organization.

Ruger then entered into a joint venture with Callaway in 1995 to create the Massive Bertha driver head, and sooner or later purchased out Callaway’s portion of the venture.

Ruger continued to manufacture clubs for a multitude of golf brands till 2005.

four. Ruger has a lot more than one particular million social media followers.

Ruger facts - social media

At the time of this writing, Ruger has a lot more than 1.15 million followers amongst Facebook and Twitter alone. That is a lot more than the whole populations of Rhode Island, Delaware and Wyoming.

five. Hank William’s Jr.’s logo was inspired by Ruger.

Ruger Facts - Hank Williams Jr.
Notice the Ruger-like logo at the prime-suitable of Hank Williams Jr’s site.

Though not fairly identical, the logo employed by legendary outlaw nation music singer Hank Williams Jr. was straight inspired by Ruger’s triumphant phoenix.

According to nation music lore, Hank (who had been an avid shooter and collector of Ruger firearms) was offered permission from Ruger co-founder Bill Ruger to use the symbol sometime in the 1970s.

Williams liked the logo not only due to the brand it represented, but for the reason that it is a phoenix, which he felt represented the rebirth of his profession right after a close to-fatal mountain-climbing accident in 1975.

Nicely, there you have it—five lesser-identified Ruger details to impress your good friends.

Hopefully you identified these Ruger details entertaining and intriguing, and if there are any other individuals we forgot to contain, really feel totally free to let us know in the comments under!


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