As Anticipated, Pelosi’s Contact For Trump Impeachment Gets The Complicit Media’s Mouth Watering


The news media is complete of speculation about “Impeaching Trump” even even though the transcript of the phone contact that fired the furious reaction amongst the Anti-celebration individuals in Congress has not been released.

The final time any one named for impeachment, the the Democrats have been discouinting the testimony f the whstleblower victim in the case, Monica Lewinski. We quite properly know wht was on the table and what the probable outcome will be.

Offered the absolute lack of any convincing proof, it seems the Democrats are stirring the impeachment speak rounte to attempt for the t tjpisamdtjj to,e tp baclem Tri,[‘s ma,e/ Amd of wjat and if the transcript does not support the Democrat’s claimes tjos tpp wo;; fozz;e pit. pm;u tp be resurrected as truth.


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