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A very simple answer from me but primarily based on the practicalities rather than the science: We have a permanent fire pit in the camp and if we burnt plastic in there (even these foil like wrappers) there is a quite great opportunity we could contaminate meals getting grilled subsequent time not a taste I am partial to. The other sensible aspect is, if you have a no waste on the fire rule you never get the odd idiot absent mindedly (?) throwing a thing on the fire when other people are cooking – I’ve noticed it performed and a complete steak ruined :(

Definitely, burning plastic offers off a complete load of nasty chemical substances which includes sulphur dioxide, dioxins, heavy metals, hydrochloric acid, as properly as particulates – you would have to be cautious to remain up-wind of the fire when burning.

The atmosphere minister Therese Coffey told the Commons: “In environmental terms, it is commonly improved to bury plastic than to burn it.” mainly because of the chemical substances released into the air. Even so, according to the Royal Society of Chemistry, burning plastic offers off significantly less CO2 emissions than burying it.

On balance of the proof presently offered I opt for not to burn.



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