Critique: ZEV AR15 Billet Rifle With Carbon Fiber Barrel


ZEV is an arms maker that is mostly recognized for their higher-overall performance and really aesthetically pleasing customized Glocks. In addition to their custom Glocks, ZEV has not too long ago begun to manufacture their personal comprehensive firearms which expand from the overall performance pistol realm all the way to the semi-automatic precision rifle arena and a couple of points in involving. 

A couple of months ago, I was capable to get my hands-on ZEV’s six.five Creedmoor gasser, and it honestly outperformed my expectations. I didn’t have one particular single complaint in any category, major to bottom. So, when I had the chance to take one more ZEV rifle for an unsupervised test drive, I jumped on it.

Let’s take a moment to critique the specs (per ZEV):

ZEV AR15 Billet Rifle W/Carbon Fiber Barrel Specs:

  •   ZEV Billet Upper and Decrease receivers are precision-machined from 7075-T651 aluminum for strength and lightweight, comprehensive with an integral trigger guard, flared magwell, and completed in accurate black kind III class two challenging coat anodize.
  •     ZEV Wedge Lock handguard delivers a complete length continuous major rail with M-LOK mounting technique for maximum user customization and handle, integrated anti-rotation pin guarantees a constant and continuous major-rail with the upper receiver.
  •     ZEV Slide Lock charging manage permits ambidextrous manipulation with an extended and textured latch for superior grip and ergonomics.
  •     Proof Investigation match grade 16” carbon fiber barrel chambered in .223 Wylde with a 1:eight twist and mid-length gas technique. Capable of constant sub-MOA accuracy with higher top quality factory ammunition.
  •     ZEV exclusive sniper grey flat face AR Gold trigger from ATC options a two.5lb pull with a quick reset and clean break that is second to none.
  •     Ambidextrous operating controls for the security selector, bolt release, and magazine release.
  •     Low profile fixed gas block.
  •     SureFire WARCOMP closed tine flash hider to help in recoil management and muzzle flash reduction. Serves as a mounting adapter for all SureFire SOCOM quickly attach suppressors.
  •     H3 carbine buffer increases dwell time and reduces port-stress to make certain dependable extraction and a smooth recoil impulse.
  •     Mil-spec carbine buffer tube delivers six butt stock adjustment positions for user customization and comfort.
  •     Mil-spec staked castle nut with Magpul ASAP QD finish plate with integral ambidextrous QD sling attachment point.
  •     Completed with Magpul furnishings and one particular PMAG magazine.
  •     Rifle Weight – six.57 lbs.


The ZEV AR15 is the very same size as your common AR15, but it differs considerably in weight. The rifle’s carbon barrel saves you just beneath a pound of weight when compared to the common concern M4, and it does so in a fairly important region. With such a range of cool guy attachments for ARs, the front of a lot of guns begin to get heavy, and with a assistance arm close to complete extension even though shooting, you will unquestionably really feel it in your deltoid. This may possibly appear like a minor concern to the young or super match shooter, but to these of us who have had numerous shoulder surgeries, (thank you Marine Corps and Jiu-Jitsu) we’ll take support from wherever we can get it. 

ZEV AR15 Billet Rifle

There are a range of approaches AR15 producers are shaving weight from their rifles, some of them much more sensible than other people, and I believe the addition of a carbon barrel is a fairly clever way to do it.


As stated above, the ZEV AR15 is lighter than a common M4 by about a pound, which is sort to my old man shoulders. For quick variety sessions, I favor a heavier gun for it is benefits in managing recoil, but the longer I’m on my feet with the platform, the lighter I want it to be. I know I cannot have it each approaches, but that does not imply I do not want to. This rifle handled adequately beneath recoil, particularly with the SureFire Pro-Comp muzzle brake on it. With out a muzzle brake, I believe it would be a bit unruly.

I didn’t have any attachments on the rifle except for an optic, and discovered the gun really nimble and quick to manipulate. I do not believe this gun, at least the way it is configured, was geared toward the match shooter, but much more to who would be holding it for a extended time even though moving or waiting for orders to move. 

The ZEV AR15 options an ambidextrous magazine release and bolt release, which I like, and an ambidextrous security selector that I do not like. The left side mag release resides about an inch and a half beneath the left side bolt release and is practically flush with the magwell cuts, simply indexed by a south paw’s trigger finger. The appropriate side bolt release is 10 o’clock from the common mag release and is simply indexed by an orthodox shooter’s trigger finger. Nicely accomplished, ZEV.

Now to the security selector. As an orthodox shooter, my appropriate index finger resides straight in the path of the appropriate-side selector. The concern arises when going from secure to fire the selector hits my hand close to my 1st index MCP joint, entirely stopping the selector. In order to go from secure to fire I have to pull my index finger and aspect of my hand entirely off the gun. Then, after it is on “fire”, the selector is awkwardly pushing my index MCP joint away from the gun. The really very same would be accurate if you had been to shoot this gun left handed as the security selectors are identical. This is a fairly annoying concern to me that I would have to address appropriate away.



The trigger is good. Super clean, light, and crisp. It feels really a great deal like a precision rifle trigger, which I’m partial to. The reset is surprisingly subtle. So subtle, in truth, that I believed I would have a FTF on the second round I fired. I’m not certain if this is a great or terrible factor, but I do believe it is worth noting.

The trigger shoe is flat, which is fine. I’m not partial to a curved or flat shoe trigger, but I know some folks are. I do believe it appears cool, even though!

ZEV AR15 Billet Rifle


With the notable exception of the security selector, I definitely liked the ZEV AR15. It is good and light, handy, and most importantly, it appears cool. I believe that if you are a guy who spends a lot of time carrying a carbine and you are searching to prolong the life of your joints, you may possibly want to think about the ZEV AR15.


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