Is that a gun or are you content to see me?  That could come as a query for S.E. Moore as he sends in his “Date Evening Carry” ensemble.  Through Every day Carry, of course.

He’s got a SIG P938, a six-shot, single-stack 9mm pistol carried in an Ultimate Holsters Inside the Waistband tuckable rig.  Points for tuckable concealment.  If you are not searching for these clips, you would under no circumstances know there’s a gun there.

Possibly that is why Mr. Moore does not carry a reload.

He does carry some Rugged &amp Dapper lip balm.  Okay, I bit.  I followed the hyperlink.  It is a fair bit much more than a tube of Chap Stick.  But hey, the name’s worth it!  Rugged and Dapper.  Who does not want to be rugged and dapper?

He writes:

Date evening with the wife. Have to maintain it light. No printing on this summer season evening with the P938 &amp Holster. Every thing else goes into the Maxpedition micro organizer.

Speaking of rugged, SE’s got himself a Gerber Dime miniature multi-tool, along with a Streamlight stylus and a Microtech Ultratech auto knife.   The great tool for cutting off tags from Victoria’s Secret treats.  Due to the fact absolutely nothing says “I like you” like some sweet and attractive lingerie.  He’s even got a light for all these dark spaces.  Below the covers, of course.  Scratch that.  He’s married.  He’s noticed it all ahead of.

In my thoughts, the jury’s out on the Maxpedition pocket organizer.   I’ve got 1 but it stays in the automobile as a grab and go when I require a smaller pad, pen and some added business enterprise cards.  But I could see it holding miscellaneous stuff in a neat and tidy style.