Extended Distance Shooting


Image of a target I shot from 300 yards with my AR-15 from a bench with optics.

The term “lengthy distance shooting” will imply various points to every single individual that reads this short article.  To get absolutely everyone on the identical web page lets just say that for the purposes of this short article lengthy distance shooting indicates shooting supported (i.e. Shooting from a bench, shooting sticks, bipod, tripod, resting on a backpack, against a tree, and so on) at 300 meters or extra with an optic or shooting 1oo meters or extra free of charge standing unsupported with open sights or a low energy optic.  Those distances are about the point at which a shooter will have to genuinely commence applying very good shooting fundamentals in order to reach very good final results.

So how do we define “Good Results”?  Hitting your target would be the most sensible way…  But most of the shooting neighborhood will say that if you can shoot “Minute Of Angle” you are performing quite very good.  Minute of Angle (MOA) is roughly equivalent to getting capable to shoot a 1 inch group at 100 meters.  A two inch group at 200 meters. A three inch group at 300 meters. A four inch group at 400 meters.  And so on all the way out as far as you want to go… The photo to the left is a three shot group from 300 yards (not meters… yea yea it was close sufficient) and is about two inches in diameter, so it is a sub-MOA group.

Why Ought to You Practice Extended Distance Shooting?

five Shot Group From 400 Yards With My AR-15 Supported From A Bench With An Optic.

Numerous preppers do not train with their firearms at “Extended Distances” and there are some quite very good causes for that.  Many shooting ranges, specially these close to urban locations are only 100 meters lengthy or significantly less, this is problematic.  As a outcome a lot of shooters have only shot their rifle from 100 meters or significantly less.  So unless they have a location that they can go shoot with an extended variety or a location out in the woods with a protected backdrop, 100 meters may possibly be it.  I think that “only” shooting at 100 Meters or significantly less can present a shooter a false considering that of safety.  The explanation I say this is due to the fact it is totally feasible to shoot sub-MOA groups at 100 meters or significantly less whilst the shooter is only working with “mediocre” shooting fundamentals.  Therefore a shooter may possibly get the impression that they can shoot equally efficient out at 300, 400, or 500 Meters or extra.  As you can think about most regularly that just is not the case.  Don’t get me incorrect, shooting at 100 meters or significantly less is fantastic for novices, occasional practice and proficiency, and so on.  But a really serious prepper really should do there finest to get some practice shooting at least when a year at lengthy distances.  Once you get out and see how promptly your good tight sub-MOA groups commence to expand out inch by inch the additional you go back from 100 meters, you will recognize why I am suggesting that you do some actual lengthy distance shooting.

In order to be capable to regularly and accurately shoot at lengthy distances you will have to train your self to apply very good shooting fundamentals.  This is critically essential for a prepper due to the fact if you think that you will want to be capable to use a firearm in a grid down or SHTF situation then you most likely also think that the two most essential causes that you will want to shoot at lengthy distances will be to defend your self and your family members or to place meals in the bellies of your hungary youngsters.  Hunting and self defense each have a dramatic impact on a shooters capacity to be capable to apply very good shooting fundamentals.  Ask any hunter if they have ever had “Buck Fever”, all really serious hunters will instantly know what your speaking about and will most likely admit they have seasoned it at a single time or yet another.  Then take a appear at any police or combat shooting statistics and appear at how promptly the hit ratio plummets when the individual you are shooting at is firing back at you…  Also do not overlook that the wind can have an enhanced impact on the bullet the additional the target is and in a lot of instances your target could also be moving!

So it is essential to truly understand very good lengthy distance shooting fundamentals due to the fact when when you add the terrible effects of tension, dehydration, hunger, discomfort, adrenaline, worry and panic to currently “mediocre” shooting expertise — points can and will go south speedy!

Extended Distance Shooting Fundamentals

I have talked about shooting fundamentals a couple of instances in this short article, if your not familiar with the fundamentals of shooting fundamentals take a appear at these two Unites States Marines Corps Instruction videos on simple shooting fundamentals.  Although the videos are a tiny dated, the details is nonetheless strong and precise.  Although the video focuses on the use of open sights on an M-16 A2, these shooting fundamentals can be applied to all elements of rifle marksmanship and specially transferred to all of the AR platforms of right now, as effectively as common rifles with optics.

Component 1



Component two


What Is Subsequent Following The Simple Fundamentals?

Following you have the simple fundamentals mastered, I recommend attempting to place as a great deal realism in your lengthy distance shooting coaching as feasible.  Do this to simulate as closely as you can what lengthy distance shooting in a grid down or SHTF situation may possibly truly resemble.  Shoot at unknown distances, shoot supported and unsupported. Shoot with open sights and optics.  Shoot whilst you are out of breath.  Shoot on windy days and dead clam days.  Shoot at dusk and dawn and in inclement climate.  Shoot from positions of cover or concealment.  Shoot kneeling, squatting, prone and any other protected way you can consider of.  When you get to exactly where you can shoot effectively at lengthy distances when coaching as indicated above, you will be shocked at how effectively your intermediate and shorter distance shooting improves as effectively.  Plus you will have ready your self to be a extra efficient shooter when it will genuinely counts!  One of my favourite approaches to get genuinely very good practice at lengthy distance shooting is to go prairie dog hunting.  Calling it “hunting” may possibly be a bit of a stretch, but it is certainly superb lengthy distance shooting practice.  Take a appear at the video under to see some highlights of me and my buddies on our annual Prairie Dog “Shoot”.  In this video and on our hunts we are routinely shooting from distances of 200 to 500 meters supported with optics or are walking and shooting from distances of 50 – 250 meters with .22lr and .17 HMR with open web-sites and optics and from supported and unsupported positions in variable winds from five-35 MPH all at unverified distances.  We do this for two or three days and commonly shoot a couple thousand rounds, so it it s ton of enjoyable and fantastic marksmanship practice.  It also does not hurt that a prairie dog is just about precisely the size of the combat efficient zone of an enemy troop and even smaller sized than the extra realists target of a whitetail deer’s vitals.  So they make the ideal target.  Warning there are some graphic photos in this video!


Zeroing Your Rifle For Extended Distance Shooting

There are a lot of thoughts on exactly where a rifle really should be zeroed.  One of the most prevalent points I hear (WRT the AR-15) is that persons choose to zero at 50 meters and then they “know” the rifle will be on at 200 meters as effectively.  This that accurate?  That may possibly be accurate based on your rifle set up, but there are some variables that do impact how and exactly where the bullet will effect. Bottom line is that you want to test it and shoot it at these distances to be positive! Lets say it is accurate for your rifle, do you know what the bullets trajectory is following the 250 meter point?  At 400 or 500 meters?  It is finest to zero your rifle and then verify its zero at each the close to and far distances on your bullets trajectory to guarantee you know for positive exactly where it shoots primarily based on your rifles set up. Is the 50/200 Zero the finest setup?  Personally I choose to zero my rifle at 36/300 meters.  For a couple of very good graphic representations of some frequent bullet trajectories zeroed at various distances click on the graphic on the ideal or click here to take a look at www.AR-15.Com.  The video under provides an superb demonstration on how altering the distance you zero at alterations the point of effect at lengthy distances.

Will A Grid Down Or SHTF Situation Actually Call for A Prepper To Have Extended Distance Shooting Abilities?

A individual can surely make a fantastic argument that the vast majority of all “likely” self defense encounters in a grid down or SHTF situation will most likely be at 100 yards or significantly less.  Maybe a great deal significantly less.  A individual can also make a fantastic argument that the vast majority of hunting conditions will most likely be at 50 yards or significantly less.  For the most component I may possibly even agree their position is “likely”.  But if that is the case then why do I recommend that really should understand to shoot lengthy distance?  Simple.  Shooting lengthy distance will make you an even improved shot at closer distances.  So if or when these “likely” scenarios playout at close variety, they will be that a great deal simpler for you to take care of without having a second believed.  Even extra essential is that if you do want to be capable to shoot at lengthy distances due to the fact me and that Facebook Tacticool Professor’s “Philosphical Arguement” didn’t turn out to be a Reality, then you have the talent and can use it when necessary.  My Grandpa normally employed to inform me “It is improved to have and not want, than to want and not have!”  And that is quite a great deal the Preppers motto and why I consider any really serious prepper really should understand and practice shooting at lengthy distances as frequently as they reasonably can.

How Do You Practice Your Extended Distance Shooting Abilities? Please leave us a comment in the section under!



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