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There’s much more to it than Bang Bang for Residence Defense

There are roughly two.five million burglaries a year — 66% of these getting dwelling break-ins. That translates to one particular burglary every single 13 seconds. So do not be shocked if one particular day an armed robber with an AR-10 scope attached decides to break into your dwelling. But here’s the very good news:
You can substantially reduce the possibility of a dwelling invasion. How? By following these five confirmed techniques I mention beneath. Let’s get began.

Safety Cameras
Let’s commence with the clear: Safety Cameras.
If a robber sees cameras set up about your home, they’ll most probably move ideal previous your home onto an a lot easier target. The purpose? Right safety cameras monitor and record activity outdoors your dwelling 24/7. That is why houses without the need of a safety program are 300% much more probably to be burglarized.
Not only do safety cameras monitor activity, but most contemporary systems have options like:

  • ● An Alarm Program – Some safety cameras come with an alarm program. If the alarm program is armed and the cameras detect an intruder attempting to break a window or door, it’ll automatically sound an alarm (and even notify regional authorities).
  • ● Motion Detection – A person snooping about on your home? The cameras will most probably choose up the motion and send an alert to you by means of e-mail and smartphone.
  • ● Mobile Remote Viewing – Enables you to view the cameras anyplace, anytime, at the tip of your fingers. Quite cool, ideal?

In brief: If you do not have safety cameras set up, you really should invest in some. It’ll enable avoid burglars and vandals from tampering with your home.
Now, arming your dwelling with safety cameras (and an alarm program) is a wonderful spot to commence. Nonetheless, a layered method presents even much more protection. That is why I advise to…

Reinforce Exterior Doors
I under no circumstances realized how quick it is to kick open a door till I attempted it myself. Teaming up with a couple of safety authorities, we set up demonstration doors — the very same doors most homes use. On typical, it took about two to 3 kicks to break the door open.
It is no wonder 65 % of break-ins happen by barging in either via the front, back or garage door. That is when I realized I really should reinforce all my exterior doors. And that is precisely what I did with 3 very simple (and confirmed) lock reinforcements:
● Add a high quality Grade 1 deadbolt
● Replace the deadbolt door strike plate with a 4-screw strike box and faceplate
● Replace the lip door strike plate with three-inch wood screws
The ideal aspect? You do not have to be a experienced technician to set up these reinforcements.

The ideal aspect? You do not have to be a experienced technician to set up these reinforcements.
Just get the supplies — like EZ Armor, which is a door reinforcement kit that comes with anything you require — and stick to the installation guidelines offered. As soon as you have reinforced all your exterior doors, it is time to…

Reinforce Exterior Windows
Most burglars will attempt to break in via your door. Nonetheless, if you reinforced it (like in the earlier step), then they’ll attempt your windows subsequent. That is why you really should burglar-proof your windows as nicely. Right here are a couple of alternatives you can take:
● Plant cacti or thorny bushes beneath the window
● Add stoppers, which are pins, nails or screws that tightly safe the window down
● Set up window bars
● Upgrade the windows to tempered glass
● Set up safety films
Now that your windows are almost burglar-proof, let’s add an additional layer of protection by

Motion Triggered Lights
As the name suggests, motion-triggered lights are lights that are activated as quickly as motion is detected.
This is a wonderful program to set up about your home as some intruders have a tendency to rob at evening. And here’s the ideal aspect:
Motion triggered lights are affordable, trustworthy and simple. For instance, I purchased a pack of four solar-powered, motion sensor lights for only $30. And to this day, it nevertheless functions like a champ.
If you do finish up ordering a set, make certain the lights are effectively angled to cover every single exterior door and window. A further successful motion-detecting alternative is a…

Protection Dog
Here’s the truth:
Dogs are one particular of the most successful dwelling defense companions on this list. (Specially if you get a guard dog like a Dobermann, German Shepherd or a Staffordshire Terrier). The purpose? Due to the fact they’re fairly substantially a walking alarm. And I’m certain any dog owner would agree with me.
Here’s why:
Any time an individual knocks on the door, they’ll set off a loud bark that’ll rattle the home. Even much more, dogs sometimes stare out the window to see what’s going on outdoors. Once more, a walking alarm. Nonetheless, dogs are a enormous duty — each financially and physically. So be certain you are conscious of the responsibilities just before committing to the get. That mentioned, I leave you with one particular question…

How Will You Stop a Residence Invasion?
At evening, I go to bed with my dog on watch, a safety program armed, and a Glock 19 handgun close at hand. I have no worries. What about you?

Author Bio:
Richard Douglas is the founder of Scopes Field, a weblog exactly where he testimonials the ideal scopes and guns on the market place. He’s been featured on numerous magazines and publications like NEWSREP, ODU Magazine, Boyds Gun Stocks, Burris Optics, JPFO and so substantially much more.


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