Historical canvas tents (updated with prototype pics)


I have pretty a handful of yards of waxed tent canvas just waiting for a project :D My initially believed was to make a tipi, although a massive yellow tipi in my back yard may well appear a small funny :33: I’ve created a handful of calculations, and it appears like I could make a decent-sized one particular.

But then I began pondering… I could make a massive ol’ tipi, or I could make a baker tent and have sufficient left more than for a significantly smaller sized cone tent, sort of like a lavuu, but larger. Alternatives, options! And just scanning by means of the Tentsmiths site, there are lots of other cool designs! What sorts of tents do you all like? I am not hunting for something remotely packable – this would be anything I packed on a fourwheeler or anything, and would almost certainly pre-make a set of poles, possibly ones that can be taken apart.

Have any of you created a canvas tent? I’d appreciate to see pics and hear what complications you had and functions you incorporated :)



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