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September 25th, 2019

How to Make a Modified Case for Measuring Length-to-Lands

Hornady Stony Point Tool OAL O.A.L. gauge bullet seating length ogive checker

Our pal Gavin Gear has just released an exceptional video displaying how to make a threaded Modified Case for use with the Hornady Lock-N-Load General Length Gauge. You can watch Gavin make a Modified Case commence to finish in the video under:

Video Shows How to Drill and Tap Modified Case

Gavin has some clever tricks. Initially he utilizes a sizing die to hold the cartridge case for the duration of the threading approach. Second he utilizes two drill bits in sequence — a smaller sized bit to ream out the primer pocket, and then a bigger “M” bit to enhance the hole diameter just before threading the brass. Lastly he leaves the threading tap IN the brass, locks the tailstock, and then “gently pulls on the quill” to get rid of the brass from the die held in his lathe (See five:46 timemark).

Get the Appropriate five/16″-36 RH Tap
However, Hornady has chosen an uncommon thread sort for OAL Gauges. You possibly will not be capable to get the appropriate five/16″ – 36 RH HSS Tap at your neighborhood hardware shop. Nevertheless you CAN order this particular tap from Amazon for $9.99.

Modified Case Gavin Gear Ultimate Reloader

Why do I require a Modified Case?
Just about every significant reloader ought to have a Modified Case for every cartridge sort they shoot. The explanation is that this makes it possible for you to get quite precise measurements of the length-to-lands in your chamber. When made use of with the Hornady OAL Gauge, with some practice, you ought to be capable to get repeatable length-to-lands measurements inside about .015″. We typically do four-five measurements with the OAL Gauge and commonly three or four will be “on the money”. NOTE: We suggest a gentle, simple stress on the plastic pusher rod. Do not push as well difficult or you will jam the bullet difficult into the lands, which produces inconsistent benefits.

Can not I Just Get a Modified Case?
Hornady tends to make a range of Modified Instances sold on Amazon and by means of retailers such as Midsouth. Even though Hornady tends to make modified instances for numerous regular cartridges, if you shoot a wildcat such as the 6mm Dasher or .284 Shehane, you will require to produce a custom modified case. And even if you shoot a regular cartridge such as the .308 Win, you can get additional constant measurements with a custom Modified Case.

If you do determine to make your personal modified case, you will want to commence with a case that is been fired in your rifle. That way you get the ideal match to YOUR chamber. Also, you will not require to expand the neck to deliver bullet clearance. Then you require to drill out the primer pocket and tap the base of the case to match the threads on the Hornady OAL Gauge tool. Make at least two modified instances, as you will possibly misplace 1 at some point.

Erik Cortina Tends to make a Modified Case

If you want to find out additional about generating Modified Instances, leading F-Class shooter Erik Cortina has also made a valuable video displaying the approach he utilizes to make modified instances. In Erik’s video, he shows how he taps a case to function with the Hornady Lock-N-Load General Length Gauge (formerly the Stoney Point Tool). Erik also explains how to get the ideal benefits when making use of the Modified Case to measure length to lands.

Additional Info: Want to find out additional? We published a substantially longer story in which Erik explains in higher detail how to created the Modified Case. That short article illustrates the five/16″ – 36 RH HSS Tap necessary and shows how to set up the lathe to drill and tap your case. If you are significant about generating your personal Modified Instances, you ought to Study the Complete Post.

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