Ladies impress at Salomon Skyline Scotland 2019


No disrespect to the men at Salomon Skyline Scotland this weekend as many were awesome… but what most impressed me was the ladies. In all but one of the seven races there was a female runner in the top 10.

While reporting from the finish line, my focus during the event was the top finishers. (Of course, there were some great performances and achievements throughout the field, such as my friend Cat Morrison and 1st lady vet and 14th place female finish in the Salomon Ring of Steall Skyrace, but my remit was the front of the field.)

Georgia Tindley,, who lives in Kingussie. Credit: No Limits Photography.
  • In the Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra, Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn was first woman and third overall.
  • The Salomon Mamores VK saw Vic Wilkinson claim first lady and eighth overall.
  • Judith Wyder, the record-breaking winner of the Salomon Ring of Steall Skyrace, also came 10th overall.
  • And in the Salomon Glen Coe Skyline winning lady, Georgia Tindley, was eighth overall.
  • There were three new trail races this year. In the Grey Mare’s 5k, Rickie Cotter was first female and eighth overall.
  • And in the Loch Eilde Mor 10k, Sarah Attwood and Juliette Linford placed 8th and 9th overall.
Vic Wilkinson, of Yorkshire. Credit: No Limits Photography.
The amazing Swiss runner Judith Wyder, who broke the women’s record for the Salomon Ring of Steall Skyrace. Credit: No Limits Photography.

I don’t recall so many high ranking women last year and a quick check of the results reveals the men dominated the top of the field.

It feels like it has been a great year for the women. Earlier in the year, Jasmin Paris won the Montane Spine Race outright. In the Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race, Lisa Watson came ninth overall.  And then Sabrina Verjee won the Montane Spine Fusion Race outright, too.

These are just a few of the examples of female runners at the front of the races but I think there is a growing strength in the women’s field of runners.

After coming third overall in the Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra,
Katie said: “I knew I was in sixth place, then fifth place and then some guys
appeared in front of me so I chased them. It was great to chase down the boys!

“The longer the race and the more technical the course, the more even the racing is between men and women runners.”

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