Living Autos 2020 Off-Grid Camping Trailer Is A Legit Luxury Apartment On Wheels



You want all the entertaining and freedom of taking in the good outdoors that camping can present, but you actually cannot do devoid of a queen-sized bed and washer and dryer? Living Automobile has you covered. 

Primarily based in California, the mobile house builder just released a appear at its 2020 trailer. It actually hits a sweet spot—off-grid, mobile luxury. The 2020 model is for living on the go and perhaps even glamping year-round in style. 

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At 28-feet-extended, the all-new 2020 model is just 220 square feet, measurements that never stand out on the screen or on paper. But it utilizes just about every inch to fullest benefit and delivers a queen-sized bed and fold-out deck to boot and space in the kitchen to reconfigure for added sleeping, which means you can match up to six campers.


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