New: Pocket Hammer Pro Arrow Slingshot


A slingshot is a terrific survival tool for hunting compact game, but a ball bearing or pebble will not be quite efficient against medium-sized game animals or fish beneath the surface. In these situations, the piercing energy of an arrow is substantially additional efficient. Thankfully, it is probable to fire arrows from a slingshot, expanding your capacity to place meals on the table in a survival scenario. The new Pocket Hammer Pro Arrow technique is capable of firing arrows at speeds up to 170 feet per second, and is mentioned to be capable of taking down medium-sized game.

This solution was designed by Pocket Shot, the organization that produces pocket-sized elastic slingshots which we’ve written about in the previous. In reality, we gave the typical Pocket Hammer our “Top Pick” award soon after testing it alongside competitors in Concern 29. The new Pocket Hammer Pro Arrow technique is made especially to fire arrows. It capabilities a 35-pound-draw Pro Arrow pouch, whisker biscuit aiming device, and an optional archery trigger release.

3 typical red arrow pouches are also incorporated, and give a lighter draw. The Pocket Hammer Pro Arrow technique folds to match in a pocket, and is accessible in black or mossy oak camo. MSRP is $99 the optional archery release is $15 added. Verify out the demonstration video beneath, or take a look at for additional information.

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