NRS Pilot Knife – Smaller And Handy


I’ve been hunting for a fixed blade knife I could carry vertically blade up on either a shoulder strap or vest, a thing I could grab in an immediate if required. I’ve looked via hundreds of offerings at the large web knife storesbut just could not discover what I wanted.

The greatest trouble with getting what I wanted was that pulling the blade out of a sheath was that the knife would call for adequate space beneath it for clearance. Also there are fairly couple of knives that have a locking sheath that was each safe and could be pulled cost-free devoid of so substantially force it would shift what ever it was attached to.

I had fairly substantially provided up on the idea and figured I’d have to go with an assisted folder like my EDC SOG Aegis clipped someplace handy. Then these days I required to run into town to get a replacement keyboard for Mrs. 3M and whadda you know – Across the street from BestBuy is my favored Sportsmans Warehouse. Some “widow purchasing” was mandatory and as I checked via the knife section I ran across the NRS Pilot Knife.

I took a single appear and realized that this knife was specifically what I had been browsing for. It had by no means bliped on my radar simply because NRS is a rafting enterprise and the Pilot Knife is specially created for rafting and water rescue. Due to the fact of that it has the locking sheath function I was hunting for. Essentially you depress the two silver buttons and the knife all but pops into your hand. Due to the sheath style it wants extremely small movement for the tip to clear the sheath. This could be vertically mounted inside an inch of a mag pouch and would have zero clearance problems. It is also extremely flat so it would not lead to problems with finding the mag out either.

Leading view in sheath. The knife blade and tang is in fact a dark gray even even though it appears substantially lighter in the images.

Bottom view in sheath.

Appropriate side view. Attributes from left to proper are breacher/skull crusher, lanyard hole, bottle opener, rope hook, serrated edge, straight edge. The blunt tip can be utilized as a screwdriver. The rectangular reduce out and round hole are component of the sheath retention program. The rectangular cutout aldo doubles as an scuba tank valve wrench. The deal with is surprisingly comfy.

And left side. Yes, it really is a Chinese blade, but properly created and the steel is 420 HC stainless. You can also get it in titanium for additional corrosion resistance.

Close up of the bottom edge. This image does not do justice to how sharp the blade in fact is

The top rated edge is not sharpened, but alots begs to have an edge. I am thinking of tht along with the tip. The image also shows the aggressive stippling on the deal with.

And a size comparison to the Gerber StrongArm.


What would I alter on this knife? Though the knife is not as reflective as it shows in the image I would like a matt finish. I’d also like the release buttons to be a matt black as properly. It is probably I will pop the out and refinish them. I’d also like the top rated edge and tip sharpened, but for the objective this knife was created I believe NRS got it proper. Honestly, as is it really is nevertheless terrific for my objective.

Also, I do not see this as a key woods or combat knife, but I believe it really is a terrific backup that does not take up substantially weight or space.

It is also not overly pricey at $50 retail.

Manufacturer’s Internet web page
NRS Pilot Knife at

There is also a smaller sized version known as the Copilot
NRS Co-Pilot Knife at

Some specs
Blade Material: 420 HC Stainless Steel
Manage Material: Glass-reinforced polypropylene with TPR more than mold
Sheath Material: Fiberglass-reinforced nylon
Total Length: 7.38″
Blade Length: three”
Weight: five.five oz
Knife only Weight: three.five oz

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