This is the Overlander’s Ultimate Water Filtration Resolution


The Western Sahara is a territory with handful of sources. The wild Atlantic crashes against barren shores of rock and sand. The only plants that survive there do so by extracting moisture from the morning mist. A continual, strong wind carries desert dust across the ocean clear to the Amazon. Your skin cracks as the sun and wind operate with each other to dehydrate bodies. In towns, stray dogs lap desperately at bowls of water ignoring meals till the eternal thirst is happy. Water is life.

As a family members overlanding the west coast of Africa, we had a handful of issues just before we set off, mainly surrounding security and overall health. Even though violence is a lingering threat, malaria and bacterial infection have claimed extra lives in Africa than bullets have. We knew we would discover nations of extremes exactly where self-sufficiency is crucial and exactly where a easy illness could prove fatal beneath the worst circumstances.

With that in thoughts, we constructed our camper to tackle the toughest overland routes although offering all we required for living. There are lots of sophisticated water filtration and purification systems, but we’re analog in the age of digital. We choose easy manual systems to these that rely on unreliable conveniences like electrical energy. Although our Land Rover is equipped with water storage tanks, the technique is not made to provide potable water it is purely for storage. I’ve had my eye the LifeSaver Jerrycan as a implies for filtering for a handful of years and ultimately picked 1 up although in Portugal. This 1 item would be the supply of all our potable water (4 gallons a day) as we explored the world’s most demanding transcontinental route. I do not assume it is becoming dramatic to say our lives might nicely have depended on it.

Even though in Portugal preparing for the trans-Africa journey, our host city was hammered by the worst hurricane in decades. In the aftermath, we utilized the LifeSaver to filter municipal water till we had been certain that the water provide had not been compromised by the storm. It was a terrific trial just before we headed into Africa and worked nicely when tap water was questionable. This water filter is a doomsday prepper’s dream come accurate.

The LifeSaver can filter a claimed 20,000 liters or five,282 gallons of water more than its life. It removes viruses, bacteria, cysts, and parasites. The jerrycan has a capacity of 18.five liters or about 5 gallons.

To use, you just fill the Jerrycan with the cleanest water you can supply (wading a bit deeper into that river to get silt no cost water will no doubt prolong the life of the filter mechanisms), pressurize the technique with 15 depressions of the hand pump, and open the spigot. Drink. It is that straightforward.

The flow price is not precisely speedy and although the makers claim a flow price of a gallon per minute, we have identified that with everyday use for more than six months the price is closer to 3 liters per minute. But, fifteen minutes each and every morning has been enough to fill all of our water bottles with clean, reliable, and tasty water.

Primarily based on our six-month everyday use of this water purification technique we recommend the following:

• Take the time to study the manual and be certain to assemble the filtration technique appropriately.
• If employing for extended periods in remote locations, look at carrying a spare spigot assembly this is the weakest portion of the unit and the spout might break if knocked by, say, the foot of a careless teenager. If the spout does break the shower attachment is unusable. The internal spigot release spring mechanism is also prone to failure but can be repaired in the field.
• The shower attachment is beneficial not only for showering but also for filling water bottles by hose with the shower rose removed.
• Fill with the cleanest water accessible and rinse the Jerrycan generally.
• Do not let the Jerrycan to stand dry for lengthy periods as soon as the filtration technique is activated in the course of the initial assembly process ought to the technique dehydrate it becomes unreliable.
• Retailer and carry the Jerrycan in a cool, shaded location in or on your car as lengthy term UV exposure is detrimental.
• Do not more than pressurize the technique when filtering water and try to remember that the technique operates very best when the can is complete.
• The can is prone to leakage if left pressurized.

If we had to recommend any alterations to the design and style of the LifeSaver we would make only two: the single central manage ought to be replaced by the 3-manage design and style numerous standard jerrycans use (or even a double-manage design and style) which permits for group portage. The spigot assembly ought to also be extra robust, preferably an alloy of some sort. This item is authorized for military use but requirements to be challenging sufficient to be utilized and abused more than lengthy periods by soldiers (and clumsy 19-year-old overlanders, for instance, my son).

Retailing at $230 (based on accessories bought), the Lifesaver Jerrycan is a worthy investment. Not only will every liter of clean, filtered water expense much less than 67 cents (20,000 liters divided by $300), but you will also be undertaking the planet a favor – we noticed quickly how substantially much less single-use plastic bottle waste we had been getting and discarding when refilling devoted water bottles from the LifeSaver. We have filled the Jerrycan from wells in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Guinea, from oases in the Sahara, and have filtered municipal tap water in Dakar, Lagos, and Abidjan. The LifeSaver Jerrycan has stored and delivered clean water to our family members and we will, without the need of doubt, continue to use this tool as our main water filtration technique for numerous years to come. Following all, toss yet another filter in the Jerrycan and that is all we want to assure yet another 20,000 liters of piece of thoughts.

Invest in • $230


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