UGQ Outside Bandit Best Quilt Evaluation


The UGQ Outside Bandit Best Quilt is a custom-created down leading quilt made for ground and hammock use. It options vertically-oriented insulation chambers more than your torso and horizontally oriented chambers about the foot box in order to maintain the goose down positioned close to your physique and eradicate air gaps. The quilt comes with sleeping pad attachment straps for use if you sleep on the ground to protect against drafts from coming in the side and chilling you if you roll more than. These straps are not necessary for hammock use and would be a nuisance if utilized simply because they’d get tangled up with your legs. Cold drafts are typically not an concern in a hammock if you use an underquilt for insulation simply because it encapsulates your back and sides with insulation.

Specs at a Glance

  • Solution reviewed: Custom UGQ Bandit 10 Best Quilt
  • Width: 55″
  • Length: 72″
  • Temp Rating: 10F/-12 C
  • Down: 950 fill energy goose-down, untreated
  • Taper: complete
  • Inner fabric: M10 black
  • Outer fabric: MRS20 Moroccan Blue
  • Footbox: Zipper and drawcord
  • Draft Collar: Yes
  • Weight: 24.9 oz
  • Sleeping pad straps: three integrated
  • MSRP: $352.95

Ideal for Hammock Use

I have utilized the UGQ Bandit 10 (specified above) in a hammock and on the ground on a sleeping pad, so I can speak to each of its strength and weaknesses in each sleep and shelter systems. I’ll inform you ideal up front that the Bandit is a good quilt for use in a hammock when you do not require a sleeping pad attachment program. But I can not suggest its present pad attachment program which I’ve located hard and awkward to use. The quilt reviewed right here was configured mostly for ground use in cold temperatures, so it is disappointing that one thing as very simple and affordable as its elastic cord and toggle attachment program can negate the artistry that went into generating what would otherwise be an outstanding backpacking quilt.

A draft collar is a tube of down insulation that wraps about your neck and upper chest to seal in physique heat. Shown “out” right here, but typically tucked down below the leading hem of the quilt and not visible.

Quickly Track Quilts vs Custom Produced Quilts

UGQ provides pre-created Quickly-Track Bandit Best Quilts and custom created Bandit Best Quilts. Their Quickly Track quilts are competitively priced but have a restricted variety of selections offered. For instance, their Quickly Track Bandit 10-degree charges $120 significantly less than the custom quilt reviewed right here, with practically identical options, and weighs 1 oz significantly less. Why go custom?

Going buyer lets you consist of options that are unavailable in the Quickly Track models. For instance, I think about a draft collar to be a ought to-have on a cold-climate leading quilt, but it is not offered on UGQ’s Quickly Track Best Quilts.

UGQ gives detailed custom quilt configuration suggestions which you should really study if you are hunting to purchase a quilt for ground or hammock use regardless of irrespective of whether you purchase one particular from them or not. I’d hyperlink to them, but their internet site is set up in a way that tends to make that not possible.

The UGQ Bandit has vertical baffles more than the torso and horizontal ones more than the legs

As a case in point, here’s a short synopsis of why I specified the Bandit 10 reviewed right here the way I did, along with my assessment of its efficiency in a hammock and on the ground, when utilized with a sleeping pad.


I specified a 55″ Bandit, which is a fantastic width for ground use for a particular person of typical constructed. You want extra width if you program to sleep on the ground so that the quilt can drape down more than the sides of your sleeping pad to enable protect against side drafts. That additional width is not seriously required in a hammock, if you use an underquilt for bottom and side insulation.

Baffle Style

The UGQ Bandit has horizontal baffles operating more than your legs and vertical baffles more than your torso. This assists maintain the down exactly where you want it and lets UGQ fine-tune its distribution about your feet and upper torso. You can also pick to overstuff the footbox or torso sections of the quilt independently with additional goose down, as a customization selection, in order to seriously tailor it for your requirements.

UGQ overstuffs their quilts by 30% as a matter of course, so I didn’t seriously really feel that it was essential to request even extra insulation. I was a lot warm in the Bandit 10, on the ground, and in the air, in my hammock.

The footbox zipper is reinforced with a leading snap

Zipper and Drawcord Footbox

I chosen a zipper and drawcord footbox that can be opened to vent the quilt in warmer temperatures. I usually wouldn’t suggest this function on cold climate quilt made mostly for ground use in 20 degrees or significantly less, simply because they can leak heat if they’re not plugged correctly. But I had a distinct location in thoughts, namely Scotland in Could, exactly where temperatures can be fickle, and I wanted the selection to cool the quilt down in warmer climate. It is also not that major of a deal to plug a leaky drawstring foot box with a piece of unworn clothes if it becomes an concern. The zipper performs smoothly and has by no means snagged and I do not be concerned as well considerably about heat leaking out about the zipper if I’m on a sleeping pad, simply because I’m typically lying on leading of it.

The drawcord footbox does not seal entirely shut

The drawcord footbox does not close entirely and you can nonetheless stick a finger via the opening. I do not think about this the finish of the planet simply because there are workarounds for it on a cold-climate bag, but if it is a concern or you are aiming for considerably colder temperatures, I’d suggest finding a closed footbox as an alternative.

Sleeping Pad Attachment Program

The Bandit has 3 pairs of grosgrain webbing loops sewn along its side to safe it to its pad attachment program. This consists of elastic cords which are looped about your sleeping pad and connect to the webbing loops applying plastic toggles. The elastic cords have a cord lock for length adjustment, but you do not really feel it simply because it is below your pad. My quilt arrived with 3 elastic straps, but one particular is usually offered with a custom Bandit and the other two expense and an extra $three.

Upper two elastic attachment straps engaged

The grosgrain webbing loops are positioned on the quilt at chest, waist, and knee level. I located it not possible to move, sit up, or bend forward when the chest strap was connected. It felt like I was a straight jacket. I couldn’t attain behind my head to snap the neck closure closed, or snap it closed and bend forward adequate to place my head via the draft collar and the leading of the quilt. Worse, if you attempt to sleep without the need of the chest loops connected, you will instantly really feel drafts if you roll more than onto your side. There’s also the concern that the toggles are challenging to slip via the compact grosgrain loops at evening in the dark. Obtaining up at evening to pee a handful of occasions was a tedious procedure.

As made, I consider the UGQ sleeping pad attachment program most likely performs properly adequate if you are a back sleeper, but it was a non-starter for me, as an “active” side sleeper, specially for colder climate use. That stated, I didn’t have any issues applying the Bandit in a hammock without the need of the pad attachment program, but I can not suggest it for ground use in colder climate.

Draft Collar

A draft collar is a tube of down insulation that wraps about your neck and upper chest to seal in physique heat. It is not that significant on a warm-climate quilt made for 40 degrees or larger but seriously assists seal in the heat in cold temperatures. Though the Bandit’s draft collar is bountifully filled with down, I located it hard to tighten when lying on a sleeping pad at evening.

Best-down view of the draft collar, which wraps about your neck and upper chest

The leading of the Bandit closes behind the neck with two flat snaps. These are two drawcords that terminate above these snaps that manage the quantity of tension in the draft collar and the tightness of the seal about your neck and upper chest. The dilemma is that they’re nearly not possible to attain when you are lying on your back or side and you are strapped onto a sleeping pad with the UGQ pad attachment program, with your arms practically pinned to your sides. Reaching them in a hammock is not that hassle-free either, but you have a lot extra freedom of movement and your arms are not constrained.

I located these plastic toggles to be difficult to reconnect at evening im the dark just after finding up at evening

My preference is to have the draft collar controls situated more than my chest or along the side of the draft collar. But placing them at the rear of the neck is a non-starter if you are applying the pad attachment program.

A Mixed Recommendation

The UGQ Outside Bandit Best Quilt is a higher-top quality leading quilt that is pretty properly created and offered in Quickly Track (prepared-created) or as a Custom quilt with a wide variety of selections. Though the Bandit is a dream to use in a hammock, it is pad attachment program tends to make it hard to use comfortably on the ground on a sleeping pad if you are a side sleeper, you toss and turn at evening, or you require to get up often to go to the bathroom.  This is a specific concern if you require a cold-climate quilt for sub-30-degree temperatures, but is somewhat significantly less essential for warmer climate use in temperatures of 40 degrees or larger.

Disclosure: UGQ offered the author with a quilt for this overview.

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