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One particular of my favourite tasks as The Survival Mom is compiling the most effective data, the most effective tips, and the most effective sources for my readers.

In this video, I talk about property fire security and various techniques you can prepare your property and your household for an occasion that is certainly a worst-case situation.

I’d also really like to share with you my Residence Fire Security Checklist that you can request at this hyperlink.

You will also want to understand about a different layer of security you can add to any property, small business, college, or developing — the Smoke Shield.  This innovation supplies protection when exit from a burning developing is not possible.

Envision for a moment that you have realized your property is on fire and the cloud of smoke and flames avoid you from reaching an exit. The Smoke Shield will deliver secure breathable air for up to an hour when it is installed in a closet or other compact space. It activates automatically when smoke is detected and starts filtering toxic, smoke-filled air into secure air that will assist you survive.

Study about the Smoke Shield, which is at the moment in its crowdfunding stage.

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