September 24th, 2019

Wind Wizardry — How to Use a Kestrel Properly

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A lot of people use a Kestrel Wind Meter each time at the variety. That is a great point. Even so, numerous Kestrel owners may well not be employing the Kestrel effectively when searching for wind path.

A Kestrel Wind Meter will record wind speed with its impeller wheel. Even so, to get the most correct wind velocity reading, you have to have to have your Kestrel effectively aligned with the wind path. To discover wind path, 1st orient the Kestrel so that the impeller runs at minimal speed (or stops), and only then turn the BACK of the Kestrel into the wind path. Do NOT merely rotate the Kestrel’s back panel seeking for the highest wind speed reading — that is not the right system for locating wind path. Rotate the side of the Kestrel into the wind 1st, aiming for minimal impeller movement. The right process is explained beneath by the specialists at Applied Ballistics.

How to Obtain the Wind Path with a Kestrel Wind Meter

Right here is the right way to establish wind path with a Kestrel wind meter when you have no environmental aids — no other tools than a Kestrel. (NOTE: To establish wind path, a mounted Wind Vane is the most powerful tool, but you can also appear at flags, blowing grass, or even the lanyard on your Kestrel).

Step 1: Obtain the wind’s basic path.

Step two: Rotate the Wind Meter 90 degrees, so that the wind is impacting the side (and not the back) of the wind meter, even though nonetheless becoming capable to see the impeller.

Step three: Fine-tune the path till the impeller drastically slows, or comes to a full quit (a full quit is preferred). If the impeller will not come to a full quit, discover the path which has the lowest effect on the impeller.

Step four: Turn the BACK of the Kestrel towards the path from which the wind is blowing. Then press the capture button, and record your wind speed.

Do NOT merely point the Kestrel’s back into the wind till you get the highest wind speed — that is not the right system.

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