4th Hunter Attacked by Grizzly in Similar Montana Mountain Variety


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The headcount rises for grizzly bear attacks in Montana’s Gravelly Mountains, as a hunter from Ohio was mauled Tuesday.

On September 16, a grizzly bear attacked 3 hunters in two separate incidents inside a mile of one particular a different in Montana.

On Tuesday, just 8 miles south of exactly where the prior maulings occurred, an Ohio hunter located himself face-to-face with a charging grizzly in blowdown timber. The hunter was involving Eureka Basin Road and the Coal Creek drainage when the attack occurred.

The grizzly attacked the hunter at a quite close variety. Officials mentioned the mauled hunter fired shots at the bear till it left the scene. Game wardens and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials have been capable to get to the website swiftly, as they are nonetheless in the location investigating the 3 prior maulings. Just after the mauling, the hunter met up with his hunting celebration and received health-related interest for nonlethal injuries.

Grizzly Bears Injure 3 People in 2 Montana Attacks
Grizzly Bears Injure three Folks in two Montana Attacks

Two separate grizzly bear attacks injured 3 hunters on the exact same day in the exact same drainage in Montana’s Gravelly Mountains. Here’s what we know so far. Study more…

Officials are asking that hunters and campers keep out of the Coal Creek and Twin Springs locations though the investigation continues.

“As the geographic variety of grizzly bears expands in Montana, density inside that variety is also growing,” Morgan Jacobsen of Montana FWP mentioned in a release.

“Management authority for grizzlies rests with the U.S. Fish &amp Wildlife Service, which functions closely with FWP. As grizzly populations grow to be a lot more dense and widespread, conflicts with humans will most likely boost.”

With elk bugling and rutting, huge-game hunters flock to the field in September for Montana’s archery season. Bear attacks are uncommon. But this series of 4 attacks inside a compact location will grab the interest of hunters and hikers alike.

Bear Security Strategies

Montana FWP recommends the following to these recreating in grizzly nation:

  • Be ready and conscious of your surroundings.
  • Carry and know how to use bear spray.
  • Travel in groups anytime doable.
  • Remain away from animal carcasses.
  • Adhere to U.S. Forest Service meals storage regulations.
  • If you encounter a bear, quit. Back away gradually and leave the location.

Nicole Qualtieri
By Nicole Qualtieri

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