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The Colt snake guns have been 1 of the most desirable and sought just after revolver series in current memory. There had been a quantity of variations from the standard Cobra revolvers to the enormous Colt Anacondas. My private Colt revolver is a Colt King Cobra. My grandfather was obsessed with major bore handguns and enjoyed applying them for hunting and just recreational shooting. I’m very thankful I had the chance to go out with my grandparents and shoot revolvers with them just before they passed away. My grandfather had a quantity of unique Colts such as the King Cobra, two Pythons and an Anaconda along with a handful of other huge caliber handguns. Regrettably, my grandfather passed away in 2009 from brain cancer, but in his will, he left me his King Cobra along with the factory box and owners manual.

King Cobra Values in The Final Decade

Back in 2009 when I acquired the handgun, King Cobra values had been pretty low-priced compared to the Python at the time. The King Cobra was the significantly less desirable of the snake collection but in the final handful of years, costs have begun to rise steeply. I utilized to adore shooting the King Cobra at the variety just appreciating how nicely the revolver was constructed. Considering the fact that costs have risen so considerably now, I generally leave the King Cobra in the protected. I generally really feel guilty and do not fire it considerably any longer. As an alternative, I take it out of the protected and appreciate it from a collector’s point of view along with my sentimental worth.

The King Cobra’s Feeling

A single of the greatest points about the King Cobra and other snake guns from Colt is the quantity of presence the handgun has. Irrespective of whether you are shooting at the variety or just searching at it, the King Cobra is refined and attractive although becoming a terrific shooting handgun. Samuel L Jackson carried 1 in the Lengthy Kiss Goodnight when he stated the classic line “This ain’t no ham on rye pal.” As a teenager, I believed there was a pretty cool vibe from Samuel L Jackson in that film and I keep in mind him threatening people today with a sleek revolver. Rapid forward fifteen years and now I’m the proud owner of the pretty identical revolver. Now honestly, I’m a large fan of the Smith &amp Wesson 686 revolver, but to me, the old versions of the King Cobra have a a lot more refined really feel to them.

Out of all the handguns I personal and shoot frequently, I nonetheless assume the King Cobra has the smoothest DA/SA trigger of any gun in my collection. Modern day guns are commonly created for swift controlled shooting. Typically, the new stuff is aimed at becoming capable to shoot in competitions or instruction courses. The gun neighborhood has shifted from going out to shoot for the enjoyable of it to shooting for a goal. Irrespective of whether it is instruction or competitors, younger shooters generally do not go out just for the sake of shooting recreationally. I have fallen into this trap and attempt to structure out all my variety trips as an alternative of going out to just take pleasure in shooting for enjoyable.

Variety Time

The King Cobra feels like a pristine Cadillac from the 1950s. You can drive it as quickly as doable, but it is so considerably a lot more enjoyable if you just slow down and take pleasure in the ride. The King Cobra also is an practical experience to shoot compared to most handguns I personal. You can genuinely slow down and just take pleasure in the practical experience of pulling the hammer back into single action. Every little thing feels a lot more mechanical on the King Cobra and feeling the recoil coming back into your hand is extremely satisfying. Recoil on the King Cobra is small to none when shooting common powered .38 Particular rounds by means of it.

When moving up to .357 Magnum rounds, the gun is extremely effortless to handle. I’m normally shocked how pleasure to shoot the King Cobra is devoid of providing your hand a beating. The celebration piece of the King Cobra is how precise the gun is with a six-inch barrel. Ordinarily at 25 yards, you can get an inch group pretty frequently with excellent ammo. The gun is a joy to shoot and is a totally unique practical experience from the polymer wonders in today’s marketplace.

All round Thoughts

At the finish of the day, the old snake guns will normally have a particular spot in my heart. Expanding up shooting the unique variants are some of my fondest memories. I really feel very fortunate to inherit such a terrific revolver from my grandfather. I’m even a lot more grateful to be capable to have the memories of shooting collectively. I do not shoot the King Cobra considerably any longer for the reason that of its elevated price tag. In reality, that does not cease me from applying it sometimes. The King Cobra is 1 of these guns that is a particular moment to shoot. It is a gun that brings back what matters most when recreational shooting which is the joy of shooting.

It is a gun that puts a smile on my face and brings me back to a easier time in life. When I went to the variety not to train or aid other people today but just shoot for enjoyable. If you haven’t shot an older style snake gun, I would encourage you to do so. They are great examples of what a higher-good quality revolver would be. If you guys personal any snake guns I’d adore to hear what you assume of them in the comments under. If you have concerns really feel no cost to make contact with me on my Instagram @fridgeoperator. Remain protected out there!

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