Bug Out Bag. I also carry two diverse methods to get started a fire. Water filtration.


I have a couple of provisos ahead of starting. 1st off, I have a diverse definition of a “budget” that most individuals due to the fact I’m 13 years old and I do not however have a job. Due to that, not every thing contained herein is of the highest good quality or fits in with the “Two is one particular, one particular is none, and 3 is just sufficient.” philosophy. A single of the factors that I think is that it is far better to have one thing rather than nothing at all.

I am compelled to note that my inspiration for this bag was the chapter The Escape Bag Blueprint written by Jason Hanson in The Election Year Survival Guide Laissez Faire’s 2016 Guide to Happiness. Having said that I only in fact have 5 of the factors he suggests in my bag so it is much more of helpful info in my case (by the way his ideas are exceptional, just as well costly for me).

Some of these things I do not know the cost of due to the fact they have been gifts or I created them but if I know the cost I paid for it I’ll mention it.

Also please note that I obtain no compensation for recommending any things contained in this report.

My Bag

As you can see from the pictures my bag is not a backpack like most bug-out bags, but is alternatively a satchel. There are a multitude of factors for this. A single explanation is that my gear fits completely into this. A different would be that it fits (somewhat) simply below a car’s seat as it appears one thing like a purse and I do not want it to be stolen (although this is one thing like beginning with a remedy and locating a difficulty).

The bag is advertised as a “Polish Military Surplus Shoulder Pack Gear Bag Satchel w/Strap two Cell” on eBay and is only $9.99. It is really tough. I say this from practical experience as I’ve had it due to the fact May well and it has showed no indicators of breaking however. It also has two loops to place a belt via and when one particular utilizes this function it bumps about a very good deal significantly less. It only comes with one particular clip alternatively of the two pictured (I added one particular due to the fact the original is really difficult to open).
Bug Out Bag - SatchelInside, the bag is separated into two primary regions with one particular getting a loop of material that I use to hold a hatchet (much more on that later). Separating the two regions is one more modest pocket that one particular could hold a USB drive in. There are also two other pockets, one particular on the inside that I use to hold books and a map and one more on the outdoors that I use to hold a flashlight and a pair of modest binoculars.
It is 11 inches tall, just below nine inches wide, and a small more than 3 inches deep (not counting how far it can stretch).
With my gear inside, it weighs 6lbs 2ozs, which is incredibly light. As a outcome, any aches on your left shoulder would be incredibly minor and would only seem soon after a lengthy time of continuous put on (it is occurred to me that is how I know).


Survival BandanaThe accompanying image is a blaze orange survival bandanna that I got at a hunter security class (I’ve written an report about this on Survival Weblog). I’ve integrated it due to the fact I can use it to strain water, signal (it is blaze orange recall), or use as a tourniquet.



1st Help

First Aid KitI have a 66-piece initial help kit that is sold on Amazon for $9.95 in the succeeding image. It consists of:

  • A single pair of scissors
  • Eight alcohol prep pads
  • 4 antiseptic cleaning wipes
  • A single pair of tweezers
  • Ten substantial PE adhesive bandages
  • Ten modest PE adhesive bandages
  • Ten round PE adhesive bandages
  • 5 security pins
  • A single roll of non woven tape
  • 4 packets of burn gel
  • A initial help guide

Not an incredibly impressive initial help kit, but it is far better than nothing at all. It is not like you can treat bullet wounds with it (not a genuine trauma kit),  but for minor burns and cuts, it will suffice.

Fire Beginning

I also carry two diverse methods to get started a fire. The initial is some flint and steel. I personally have under no circumstances began a fire with it but it is integrated due to the fact it may possibly perform in a pinch if the subsequent item gets wet.

The other way to get started a fire would be with 34 matches that are in a modest black box.
I also have a quart zip lock bag of dryer lint to be applied as tinder due to the reality that it is incredibly flammable (and this way I do not have to deal with wet tinder).


I have an added pair of my regular socks integrated so if my feet get wet or if it gets actually cold I can adjust them to stop many foot ailments or frostbite.


Paracord is fairly self-explanatory. I’ve applied this for all sorts of factors and as a plus 550 paracord can hold 550 lbs. It is also compact so the 50 ft that I have fits in fairly nicely.


It can be applied for signaling. This is actually just a toy whistle so you could simply get far better ones but this one particular is nonetheless fairly shrill.


This is really vital for receiving your bearings so you can navigate with topo maps. There is a map in my bag (much more on that later) but even for maps that you discover you are nonetheless going to have to know which way is north. This one particular is low-priced but it nonetheless points north which is kinda the point (I’ve even gotten it soaked in water and it performs fine).

Emergency Blanket

This is just the low-priced reflective Mylar blanket you will discover anyplace but it nonetheless folds up into a modest space so it can be carried in the bag. Apart from the possibility of becoming kept warm by it it also reflects the sun so a person may possibly be capable to discover you a lot easier (this could be a pro or a con based upon what you are performing but I need to have some sort of shelter like item in my bag and this match the bill).

Fishing Kit

See the medicine bottle in the image? That is not medicines it is in fact a fishing kit. It consists of:

  • Two fish hooks,
  • Two sinkers,
  • A single bobber, and
  • A spool of monofilament fishing line

I have under no circumstances had to use this so I can’t vouch for it is effectiveness but recall this is a final ditch try to get some sort of meals. I have also place in some dryer lint for much more tinder and to reduce down on the rattling due to the fact it does a lot of that with out the dryer lint stuffed in it. These, along with the sewing kits that I will go over later, are normally place in Operation Christmas Youngster (OCC) boxes. Numerous individuals have had this notion it appears, so I have no notion who believed of it initially. The kind I make only price 75 cents each and every (you do have to purchase bigger amounts of supplies, but you know what I imply).

Cable Lock

I got this from a hunter security class and supposedly you can get a totally free one particular via Project Youngster Secure.
This is helpful due to the fact of how my bag latches. If you unlock the gun lock and thread it below the small metal bar on best and latch it once more you cannot get it open with out receiving rid of the lock (according to one particular of my instructors at the hunter security class they are effortless to reduce off with bolt cutters but if someone’s employing bolt cutters they can in all probability just reduce open your bag with one thing else). I’ve applied this at a summer time camp exactly where I didn’t want any one in my cabin to get into it and to my know-how no one particular took something contained in it.


This one particular was actually exciting to get due to the fact my dad and I in fact forged it (one particular of my dad’s hobby’s is blacksmithing). We especially created it to match in my bag due to the reality that my bag is rather modest so a regular sized hatchet would not have match. It weighs just below a pound so it is light sufficient to be swung for a whilst. It is about ten and a half inches tall from best to bottom and about 4 inches wide from the back to the front. We also created a Kydex sheath for it which adds about half an inch to the latter measurement. It is a good hatchet for all about light camp perform.

Water Filtration

Bug Out BagWhy is becoming capable to filter water vital you could possibly ask? Effectively one particular can only survive for 3 days below optimal circumstances with out water and if it is a survival predicament it is in all probability significantly less than optimal circumstances.
In the subsequent photo you will see an item that appears type of like a Life Straw. I purchased it from eBay and it is advertised as “MS® Purifier Straw Water Filter Individual Survival Kit Emergency Gear Prime Quality”. The maker claims it can filter 1,000 liters of water ordinarily and filters to .two micron. According to Boston On Surviving Y2K And Other Beautiful Disasters, no single-celled bacteria is smaller sized than .two micron. I purchased this for $9.48 but they appear to have raised in cost to $11.98. I purchased this one particular in distinct due to the fact, apart from becoming affordable, it will filter out bacteria and this way I can get fresh drinking water even if it is not a brand name item.

4-in-A single Tool

The object in the best middle is a 4-in-one particular tool. This was gotten for me as a present at Custer State Park but I’ve also observed them for sale at the Science Museum of Minnesota so I’m certain other locations have them as well. The compass does not perform and the mirror is not terrific so why do I have it? It is due to the fact of the other two functions. They are a magnifying glass and binoculars. The magnifying glass is helpful to get started a fire or appear at modest specifics and the binoculars would be a beneficial help in identifying land marks. Taking into consideration it is modest size there wasn’t actually a explanation not to throw it in.


I ordinarily carry these about in my pocket, for when we go to historical reenactments. I often neglect hearing protection and you can only hear for so lengthy soon after prolonged exposure to loud noises (the green earplugs are the ideal in my opinion). I figured it under no circumstances hurts to have extras about in case other individuals need to have a pair or I drop one particular.


The white container is a coin tube for one particular ounce silver coins. It at present consists of only one particular ounce of silver that I purchased for $18.95 but it can hold ten such coins (which would bring up the total weight of the bag by nine ounces). Silver is a very good item for storage of wealth so it could be worth much more than what you could possibly have in your wallet based on the crisis. Apart from the above it frankly tends to make the most sense for me to retain it in my bag as I do not have a secure and this way I do not shed it. It should really also be noted that this should really be the final item you place in your bag due to the fact the other stuff is far much more vital.

Sewing Kit

As noted above, this is one thing individuals normally place in OCC boxes. Mine has:

  • Two modest buttons
  • 4 substantial buttons
  • A single spool of black thread
  • A single spool of white thread and
  • Two needles threaded via a piece of felt

This is not supposed to be a “make a quilt in the middle of the woods” kind kit. It is just supposed to be for mending minor rips and tears. Don’t forget “a stitch in time will save nine”.

Map and Books

Yes, books. I do have books in my bag. I’ll get to that in just a second but initial the map.
The map is a simple highway map of Minnesota that I got at a parade. It has all the highways and the bigger streets of the metro regions. It is there due to the fact everybody demands a very good map. Even although it is not incredibly detailed in most regions it will at least inform me that town I’m approaching.

Now on to the books. A single of them is a reprint of FM 21-76 The US Army Survival Manual and the other is The Official US. Army Illustrated Guide to Edible Wild Plants that I got for $7.72 on the web. The initial book is helpful due to the fact it has all sorts of info about surviving practically every thing, which includes nuclear fallout. The second due to the fact, I do not know about you, but I do not know each single edible plant and this will give you a lot of prevalent ones (note: mushrooms are not integrated).


Bug Out BagThis is a really nifty small piece of gear. It is in the blue container at the upper-appropriate. I won it at a camp I attended and it is really helpful. The clear plastic portion opens up to show six screwdriver heads, 3 flats and 3 Phillips (I lost two flats so that is why it only shows 4 heads in there). You stick the heads into the ends of the screwdriver and they are magnetically locked there. This magnetism also extends to the ends of the heads so screws that you take out stick to it. The only complaint I have with it is the clear blue part’s hinges broke off but this is negligible due to the fact I place it in a plastic bag. Screwdrivers are helpful for anytime one particular demands to take one thing apart and a magnetic screwdriver in distinct is handier than you would consider.

Notepad and Pens

Fairly self explanatory. I can use this to create down all sorts of stuff (e mail addresses, web sites, license plates and so forth.). Dollar retailer pens perform terrific for this (you are not writing below water or in zero gravity appropriate?).

Sources of Light

I have two in my kit. A single is a headlamp and the other is just a common flashlight. Conveniently they each run on AAA batteries which I retain separate from the light sources to stop corrosion. I also have a adjust of spare batteries. Technically fire is also a light supply but it is nonetheless diverse so it got it is personal section.

Zip Lock Bags

For something in my bag that I do not want to get wet (or is just loose) I retain in Zip Lock bags. I also have two additional  Zip Lock bags in there. As a outcome I’ve gotten my bag soaking wet with no apparent harm to something on the inside.


When this would not be a terrific bag for surviving forever in the middle of nowhere that actually is not what it is meant for. It would nevertheless be an exceptional camping bag, hunting/hiking bag, or really quick term disaster bag. It just depends on how you are employing it. This would in all probability also be a terrific bag for any one (specifically a kid) just beginning to prep as effectively.


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