Damn Furriners!


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If you have been to think the representative from Giffords the AR marketplace is becoming flooded with foreign imports and residence-created ARs.

This came up right now in the Property Judiciary Committee hearing right now on banning &#8220assault weapons&#8221. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) began the conversation by asking David Chipman about Colt and their choice to temporarily leave the industrial marketplace. Chipman, a retired BATFE agent, is now a Senior Policy Advisor with Giffords. He previously held a comparable position with Mayor Bloomberg&#8217s Illegal Mayors.

I look to keep in mind that the late President George H. W. Bush imposed a ban on so-referred to as assault weapons in 1989. Offered that, I wonder exactly where Chipman is finding his data. I imply an ATF agent, active or retired, would in no way make stuff up, now would he?

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