Di Goes To Capitol Hill


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Dianna Muller was invited to testify prior to the Property Judiciary Committee currently. The subject was &#8220Guarding America from Assault Weapons&#8221 (sic). By the title and the composition of the witness panel you knew it was going to hostile to gun rights.

The witnesses incorporated Kristen Rand from the Violence Policy Center (sic), David Chipman from Giffords, Chief RaShall Brackney of Charlottesville, VA, a medical professional from El Paso, and the mayor of Dayton, Ohio. The only other pro-rights advocate invited was Amy Shearer of the Heritage Foundation.

Dianna is a retired police officer, three-Gun champion, and founder of the DC Project. As a police officer in Tulsa, she was assigned to patrol, Street Crimes, Narcotics, and Gang units. She almost certainly has observed extra crime up close and private than any one else on the panel which includes the odious David Chipman of Giffords who served with BATFE.

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Double click on the video hyperlink above to see the excerpt of Dianna&#8217s testimony. You can locate her written testimony right here.

Kudos to Dianna and the girls of the DC Project who showed up in assistance of her. Congress requires to hear their stories and what they have to say. It might be like speaking to a brick wall. Nonetheless, they are vital and need to have to be circulated amongst these whose minds aren&#8217t closed.

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