Do not Feed The Bears — Traversing


In our journeys we’ve observed and heard some fairly unnecessary tales of human interactions with wildlife. Regardless of whether it is smearing peanut butter on trees or feeding Large Macs to foxes all in hopes of a improved photograph, people’s curiosity of nature can harm us in the lengthy run. Jasper National Park is basically removing on the net bear warnings mainly because it is attracting extra persons to come to the region for bear selfies.

The current photo from the B.C. Conservation Service is in all probability the most Canadian however… a person feeding a Timbit to a bear. Fortunately they had been hit with a $two,000 fine (and humorously a restraining order placed against them and fellow bears).

It is a very good reminder that it is not generally YOU that will endure from the interaction with the bear. Tracking points have shown that after bears study that campsites include uncomplicated to access meals, they develop a route and maintain returning to the exact same web pages in hopes of an unhung meals barrel, or tasty treats left out on a picnic table. Future campers will endure the effects from a lazy camper in the previous.

I’m certain our readers currently handle their meals, but once more, it does serve as a very good reminder. Now how do you hang your meals? That is a subject for yet another day (and typically controversial). Verify out Kevin Callan’s current video on the topic…


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