E229: Fundamentals of How Energy Is Restored Right after a Catastrophe


e229 power grids
In this episode, we sit down with Jay. He’s going to share with us how energy grids are restored and place back with each other immediately after a catastrophe. Plus, we’ll go over standard security recommendations for in the course of and immediately after a energy outage to maintain you secure.

Preppers like us are acutely conscious of how delicate society is. And when it comes to the electric grid, we’re all at least a tiny freaked out. (Some a lot freaked out.)

EMPs, Coronal Mass Ejection, Cyber Attacks, physical attacks on plans and substations are on a lot of prepper minds. Then there’s just the mundane climate occasion. This massively complex issue we rely on for modern day society appears to be attacking threats from all more than.

But generally, gaining a deeper understanding of anything we be concerned about moves us closer to the sound element of staying secure and sound. To know a issue is to have some manage more than it. Perhaps not a lot, but some. And it can place your thoughts at ease basic to fully grasp what’s taking place and why.

And understanding some basic recommendations of what to do and what not to do when energy grids go down and when it comes back up can maintain you secure.

So listen in as we discuss power grids and safety…

Energy Grids and Restoration Subjects Discussed:

  • What causes a grid to go down
  • The stages of how energy is restored to an location
  • The unexpectedly complicated negotiations power businesses have to go by means of
  • How you might be placing linemen at really serious danger of electrocution and death
  • How gasoline and diesel became a priority one particular resource immediately after disasters
  • Why controlling the flow of energy to your property immediately after an outage could save your property
  • Exactly where and when not to use a generator
  • Powerfly terrible puns

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