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freeze dried food tips before buying a lot of it

Final evening we had “Pasta Primavera” for dinner. It came from our emergency freeze dried meals storage. And you know what? It tasted scrumptious!

You all ought to be rotating your extended term meals storage. In other words, you ought to be consuming it. And then replacing it. Some foods have a considerably longer shelf life than other individuals. So these foods may not be rotated (consumed) as frequently. A single instance is “freeze dried” meals (it lasts for a quite extended time (decades!).

With that mentioned, we nonetheless open up a package, bucket, or #10 can of freeze dried meals after in a when, and consume it. Final night’s dinner was 1 of these situations with Pasta Primavera. We added some scrumptious peppers from the garden and some of our dehydrated Vidalia onions as well! Wow was that very good!

Freeze Dried Emergency Meals Recommendations Prior to You Buy

Okay, why am I typing all this? Effectively it got me to pondering about the essential items to take into consideration when picking freeze dried foods for your personal extended term storage. It is a relatively pricey investment, so right here are a handful of ideas or items to appear for just before you make a substantial obtain.

Freeze Dried Brand Recognition

The brand of freeze dried meals. It is essential. Much more accurately stated, a recognizable brand name could be an essential element simply because their longevity indicates a longer term company achievement.

Newbies will not know all the brands. But there genuinely are not that quite a few. So a bit of due-diligence analysis on the web will reveal the preferred names. None of them straight promote on this internet site (their advertising models have shifted to authorized sellers / distributors rather than direct).

My private recommendation is to appear at storage foods from “Ready Produced Resources” (they are distributors for a quantity of freeze dried meals brands).

Why do I suggest them? Due to the fact his loved ones company has been a sponsor of this internet site for 10 years and they have confirmed to be a achievement in the preparedness market. Longevity matters.

Calories vs Servings

Survival meals is mainly about calories. Servings, not so considerably. Servings are arbitrary. Calories are definitive.

Most emergency survival foods do not reveal calories. At least that has been my basic expertise. Worth is partly determined by comparing the quantity of calories that you are paying for involving 1 option vs one more.

If the caloric content material is listed, that is wonderful. It will supply information for comparison. If it is not listed, you may appear for the all round weight – which might be listed – which in turn might allow approximate comparison of equivalent meals kinds.

Ask. E mail the distributor this query. They ought to be in a position to supply an answer. I’ve accomplished that a quantity of occasions. It is some thing that they do not necessarily usually want you to know. Why? Due to the fact freeze dried meals is pricey and they almost certainly do not want to scare you off.

Note that calories can be “stuffed”. So it is not usually a great indicator. What I imply is this. Some “mixes” will contain filler components that might be larger in calories but not genuinely element of the “main course” components. So do not usually go by just calories. It is just a guide.

Freeze dried meals is pricey. And there’s very good cause for that. It is a pricey procedure. Having said that I can assure you that the added benefits are wonderful. Great taste. Nutritional worth is maintained. Of course it is particularly light weight. Lastly, a quite extended resultant shelf life. Component of a very good diversified meals storage program.

Freeze Dried Meals Taste

Commonly speaking, freeze dried meals tastes wonderful. The procedure “locks in” the original flavor. Which leads me to this subsequent tip…

Freeze dried meals is only going to taste as very good as the original solution. In other words, if the procedure started with completely fresh and high quality meals, the outcome is going to be superb. But when the meals starts as mediocre, typical, or even “not so good”, then the finish solution will be no diverse.

So, this is exactly where a high quality BRAND comes into play… A single would presume that they are applying very good fresh content material simply because they’re nonetheless in company! A newcomer to the marketplace might or might not be paying for very good high quality foods up front. The point is, you will by no means know it till you taste it (or analysis the brand and testimonials).

Invest in A Modest Sample 1st

Prior to you purchase a substantial quantity of a offered freeze dried meals brand, you may purchase a tiny sample very first. Attempt it. Consume it. Do you like it?

I have been “burned” in the previous. Several years ago I bought a relatively significant quantity of freeze dried (and dehydrated) foods from a certain brand which right now is no longer in company. The obtain was element of our diversified meals storage program and we didn’t consume any from that obtain for quite a few years. Then we decided to attempt some. Yuck. Not so very good. Lesson discovered.

Prior to You Invest in Freeze Dried Food…

The takeaway from this is that freeze dried meals is pricey. So just before you purchase a lot of it, do the following. Analysis effectively identified brands, evaluate worth by cross checking calories, and purchase a tiny sample very first.

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