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Howdy all! I can not think 1 of the other guys have not posted a trip report however. So, I figure I’d get the thread going. The youngsters are all in bed and I really have a handful of mins to play on the forum. Life has been super hectic this previous year and I have not been capable to get on right here really considerably, considerably significantly less get the chance to have an adventure.

@AdirondackBadger gave me the heads up that a meetup was in the functions immediately after attempting to get me on quite a few other outings that I could not make it to this summer time. I lastly got the green light from the, eh hem, boss. The strategy was to do the Reduced Canoe Loop via the Southern St. Regis Canoe Wilderness and into a portion of Saranac Wild Forest. @AdirondackBadger, @Luchtaine, @Seeker and @Kona9 had been capable to get up there on Friday and @LoaferX and I created it up Saturday Morning. Has any individual heard from @hidden_lion? He did not show. I hope all the things is ok.

I never know the facts of the other guys’ portion of the adventure and I am certain they will fill in the blanks. Doug and I arrived early morning. The wind was whipping and the rain was lightly falling. Temps had been in the 50’s F. Immediately after checking out the situations at the launch point we discovered the wind to be coming head on. Slight white caps had been coming across Floodwood Pond. We decided to wait for the rest of the group to make the portage from Extended Pond to meet up with us. I was pondering a bit about security. Need to we capsize for what ever explanation it would be greater to have a further boat or two close by to lend a hand. I genuinely wasn’t certain on Doug’s capability in a Canoe. No offense, Sir. You turned out to be very good on each ends of the boat.

Immediately after waiting a couple hours, snoozing a bit as I had only got an hour of sleep the preceding evening, we decided to hike up to Extended Pond to possibly intercept the group and lend a hand. We created it to Extended and waited for a though. The climate began to clear a bit and we had been itching to get on the water. At that point we decided to hike back, place in and do some fishing. Which was the original Program. We also weren’t certain if the group had deviated from the original strategy for what ever explanation. We had planned to Rally at the entrance to Fish Creek and continue on as a group.

The head wind was nonetheless quite powerful. I decided to hold us close to shore and make our way about Floodwood to the Rally Point. I was pleased to see Doug was no stranger to a canoe. Ya under no circumstances know immediately after all. Haha. Immediately after acquiring to the back section of the lake we discovered ourselves in a good wind blocked region that looked very good for fishing. Doug throws the initial cast and catches a MONSTER creek chub. He released that three incher to develop a further day.

We created it to the Rally Point and discovered there was a good sandy beach region that would be fantastic through the blazing summer time months. As we arrived canoes began pouring out of Fish Creek. About 12 Placid Boatworks canoes pulled up and decided to have lunch appropriate subsequent to us. Most likely $30,000 in canoes. One particular of the paddlers capsized close to shore and we all got a chuckle and he got a razzing. Doug and I had been also hungry so we chowed down our lunch as well.

They did not remain extended. about 30 mins or so. Immediately after they left the serenity was blissful. We decided that if the rest of our crew did not show up by three:30pm we would continue the route incase they somehow had been ahead of us on Folensby Pond. My eyes had been quite heavy at this point so I strung up my hammock and zonked out though Doug was performing Doug factors. It felt like I had blinked and then I heard voices. I recognized Badger’s voice straight away and was thankful they created it. I was currently acquiring out of the Hammock as Doug was walking more than to poke the sleeping bear.

I packed up the Hammock, lickity split, and off we went. The rest of the journey was amazing. I will let the other guys fill in the just before and immediately after. Regrettably we did not get a pic of that trophy creek chub. We did not have time to do considerably other fishing. Right here are some pics that I took. My camera and telephone mainly stayed packed away as I was attempting to love R&ampR. It was fantastic to meet @Seeker and @Kona9. Seeker came all the way up from Maryland and Kona came up from the Buffalo region if I am not mistaken. Spending time with the other 3 woodsmen was a treat as usual. Cheers brothers!

Left to appropriate @Seeker, @Kona9 , @AdirondackBadger, Me, @Luchtaine, @LoaferX






The other people will have extra scenic pics. Get pleasure from! Hope you can join us on the subsequent 1. :dblthumb:



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