Greatest SHTF Shotgun?


Remington 870 – Greatest SHTF Shotgun?

What kind of emergency are you preparing for (financial collapse, terrorist attack, Electro-Magnetic Pulse, all-natural disaster, hyper-inflation, and so forth)?  No one knows what specifically the future holds as a result no one knows especially how to prepare.  When choosing a weapon, the shotgun appears to prove additional versatile than most of the other individuals.  This jack of all trades weapon can do all factors from place meals on the table (bird shot) to defend against hostiles (buck shot) and place down wild predators (slugs).

I will not try to argue that there are superior weapons for some particular applications.  Many law enforcement agencies across the US have moved away from the shotgun toward AR platforms due to enhanced accuracy, helpful variety, higher ammo capacity, lighter weight and decreased recoil.  That mentioned the particular mission of a law enforcement carbine is restricted to tactical applications (not so terrific at shooting birds).  The shotgun is adequate for combat engagements higher than 100 yards with slugs and is superior at ranges beneath 35 yards with Buck shot. The vast majority of tactical engagements 1 would count on to encounter in an emergency SHTF circumstance would be inside these ranges (beyond that a tactical retreat ought to be regarded as if sensible).

A Shotgun Gives Assortment!

The selection of ammunition is what tends to make the shotgun so versatile. The potential to switch sorts of ammo based on the application is equivalent to obtaining many distinct weapons. Loading a slug is excellent for hunting major game, engaging hostile threats at distances (or via barriers), and protection from wild animals (bear). Loading a round of 00 Buck is equivalent to around eight or 9 rounds of 9mm.  A round of birdshot is terrific for hunting tiny game (bird, snake, and squirrel) and also fairly great for breaching door locks at get in touch with distance.  A 12 gauge flare round is a terrific way to signal persons effectively more than a mile away.  Moreover there are many variations of “less than lethal” 12 gauge shot gun rounds that supply you an chance to incapacitate an person (rather than kill them) if the circumstance presents itself. These rounds consist of bean bag rounds, rubber slugs, pepper rounds, and so forth.  The latter selection (much less lethal) might prove sensible for numerous possible scenarios when you truly consider about it (only obtaining a “deadly force” selection can seriously limit you each tactically and strategically).

Of all the sorts of shotguns readily available I choose a great pump shotgun for a survival platform. I really feel a pump delivers the most effective compromise of capacity, simplicity and durability. Clearly a double or single barrel shotgun is easier to operate and has much less to malfunction nonetheless, it is much less excellent as a defensive arm due to restricted capacity and slow reloads. A semi auto would be more quickly to operate as a defensive weapon, nonetheless, they have numerous additional components to break, additional prone to malfunction, and numerous do no reliably cycle low powered ammo (like much less lethal rounds).

I consider the Remington 870 is likely the most effective decision for a SHTF shotgun

Of the pump shotguns readily available, my individual preference is the Remington 870 with the Mossberg 590 (and 500) getting a close second. Take a appear right here to see the specification of the Remington 870.  Both of these shotguns have observed military and law enforcement duty.  Also there is a large aftermarket for accessories for them. Frequent aftermarket accessories consist of side saddle shell holders (carry added rounds), tactical lights (determine a threat in the dark), ghost ring sights, folding and recoil decreasing stocks, rifled barrels, tube extensions and a lot additional. If at all feasible I would stick to the 12 gauge platform for the survival shotgun with the 20 gauge getting a appropriate substitute for recoil sensitive folks.

As I mentioned, the shotgun might not be the “best” weapon for each and every circumstance, but for the “Jack of All Trades” weapon that will do most jobs reasonably effectively (and some of them most effective of all), the shotgun is difficult to beat.

What are your thoughts on a shotgun for a survival weapon?

Note: This was a guest post by Dave Jones who has also authored the following articles: Woods Bag, AK-47 Vs AK-74, 100 Dollar Survival Rifle.

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