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Study how to make a spear with this guide so you can hunt or defend your self in a survival predicament.

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How to Make a Spear for Self-Defense and Survival

Finding out How to Make a Spear Is a Have to for Survivalists

Irrespective of whether you are in an genuine survival situation or just up at the lake for a weekend camping trip, you have got to consume. But what if your meals supplies are operating low, or worse, you in no way had any, to commence with?

That is when being aware of how to make a spear comes in handy. Right here, we’re going to show you how to make a hunting spear from wood.

We’ll also give some fundamental fire-hardening procedures to prolong the life of your spear. Stick about to the finish to study the most powerful way to make this multifunctional, primitive hunting tool.

Along the way, we’ll pass on some critical security warnings and strategies. Prior to you get began, right here are a handful of factors you are going to require:

1. Spear Pole


We suggest a smaller, green sapling around two &#8211 two.five inches in diameter, and a handful of inches taller than you are. (We’ll inform you why later.)

Tip: When picking a tree for your spear pole, decide on as straight a sapling as feasible. We suggest hardwoods such as hickory, oak or maple.

two. Sturdy Baton Stick


Hardwood functions ideal as a baton. This is primarily an improvised hammer and will serve to support supply an powerful downward force to split your spear into segments with no breaking it.

These can conveniently be discovered on the forest floor or you could even use a leftover piece of your sapling if it is thick sufficient. Make confident it is not rotten, as a rotten log will just fall apart.

You can conveniently inform if the baton is rotten with a handful of rapid, strong thumps against a tree stump. If it does not shatter, you need to be great to go!

three. Sturdy Cordage (two-three feet)


Paracord is my cordage of option due to its strength, durability, and resistance to rot in damp situations, but any cordage can function in a pinch (Even your shoelaces)!

Tip: You can in no way have sufficient cordage in a survival predicament&#8230 you could just be shocked at how several distinctive makes use of you can obtain for it! 

This tactical fish survival kit has 9&#8242 of genuine paracord, ideal for your spear producing.

four. Folding Saw


A robust serrated knife will function&#8230 but possessing a pocket folding saw will save you a ton of time, function and hassle! One more secondary solution would be a pocket chainsaw or even a wire saw.

In my opinion, nonetheless, no great survival or camping kit is comprehensive with no a folding pocket saw. Here’s a great one particular to grab.

five. A Great, Complete Tang Fixed Blade Knife


When it comes to splitting or batoning wood, a folding knife just will not reduce it! It is risky to attempt and will certainly ruin your knife.

Do your self a favor and, ahead of you ever head out, get your hands on a strong, complete tang fixed blade knife&#8230 you will not regret it.

Verify out my preferred knife, it is the #1 tactical folding knife in the planet.

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How to Make a Spear for Meals and Self-Defense


Step 1. Prepare Your Pole

After you have reduce your pole, saw off the fat finish to make the surface flat and even. Take your cordage and wrap the pole about 10 inches under the functioning finish.

This will support retain the pole from splitting out after you commence the batoning method.

WARNING: Make confident your spear stands at least as tall as you do. This will support guarantee the sharpened points of your spear are above eye level, just in case you take a fall though out on the hunt.

Step two. Split and Sharpen the Functioning Finish of Your Spear

After you have wrapped the functioning finish of the spear with cordage, butt the opposing finish up against a tree or stump to support stabilize it. Gradually baton eight-10 inches straight down.

Turn your knife perpendicular to the initially split and repeat the batoning method.

Subsequent, obtain a couple of 3-inch sticks about the diameter of a pencil and slide them firmly in spot in between the splits to retain the spear points expanded. With your knife, sharpen every single of the 4 points.

Step three. Harden the Spear’s Points with Fire

After the points are sharp, take away the cordage and spot the sharpened points under the coals of a fire for 10-15 minutes. This speed dries or “fire-hardens” the wood.

Tip: Be mindful of your spear through this method verify it frequently to make confident it is only drying and not burning.

Side Note: An option drying method is to hold the spear just above the flames of your fire like a marshmallow so the flames lick the points of the spear.

Though this method may well take longer, it is much easier to retain an eye on the spear points to make confident they are not burning.

Step four. Reinforce the Spear

After the spear is removed from the fire and permitted to cool, latch the 3-inch wooden pegs in spot to reinforce the spear through effect. Align your cordage vertically against the shaft of the spear and build a loop.

Subsequent, wrap cordage about the shaft though alternating more than and beneath the wooden pegs.

Step five. Finishing Touches

Just after two or 3 instances about, slip the functioning finish of your cordage via the loop you designed earlier, and give a stout tug on the other finish. When carried out appropriately, this will tighten the pegs up nicely and leave you with a tough, 4-prong spear point.

You can also opt to sharpen the other finish of the spear into a single, fire-hardened point for self-defense against prospective predators.

Watch this video from AVmake for an option which is how to make a spear for fishing out of bamboo:

There you have it, survivalists! A sturdy spear great for self-defense and harvesting smaller game and fish. Your DIY survival spear will function good to take down smaller game and fish, but when it comes to bigger game you are going to require a additional heavy-duty weapon.

What do you believe of our tutorial on how to make a wooden spear? Sound off in the comments section under!

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