Intense Survival: The Home Fire


When most of us consider of “extreme survival” it is ordinarily some worst-case situation like surviving an EMP, becoming lost in the Alaskan tundra, or waking up to a zombie apocalypse.

The truth is that intense survival scenarios are popular across the nation and about the planet in the type of residence fires. It wasn’t till a residence about a mile from our personal caught fire and burned to the ground that I realized what a huge loss a residence fire can be.

A loved ones loses anything — furnishings, loved ones heirlooms and images, their clothes, pets, and in some cases, loved ones. When I consider of how vulnerable my wife and children would be, it tends to make me extra determined to verify our household for electrical energy problems, make positive our smoke alarms perform, and appear for any barriers to emergency exits, and

It is that final item there that worries me the most. Our residence was constructed in 1972, an era of modest, higher bedroom windows. My daughter has 1 of these in her bedroom, and to get out in case of a residence fire, she would want to climb on top rated of a thing, pull the window open, and then lift herself up and more than the window sill to security. If she’s in a panic mode, I’m not 100% positive she could do that.

A handful of information about residence fire fatalities:

36.six% of civilian residence fire fatalities are due to not becoming in a position to escape

Getting asleep is the #1 trigger of residence fire fatalities with physical/mental impairments becoming in second spot.

Burns and smoke inhalation make up 48% of fire fatalities. 85% of all fire fatalities include things like smoke inhalation.

Attempting to escape can essentially lead to fatal choices. Most civilian fire fatalities occurred when the victim was attempting to escape!

These information are unsettling and when I discovered about a brand new, revolutionary clever device, Smoke Shield, I asked our companion weblog, The Survival Mom, if I could be incorporated in spreading the news about how it can save lives.

The bottom line? If escape is not possible in the course of a fire, Smoke Shield can save the lives of your loved ones and give you and emergency responders required time to act.

Smoke Shield is installed in a closet or other modest location in your household, and it automatically activates when it detects smoke. Smoke is filtered by means of Smoke Shield to produce protected, breathable air for up to an hour. That provides firefighters an invaluable window of time for rescue.

You can find out about Smoke Shield right here, and be positive to watch the video to see how it operates. If your smoke alarms do not go off, if you are in a deep sleep, if your young children cannot figure out how to escape — I consider Smoke Shield is worth finding out about. I’ve also believed it would be a thing important for my mom, obtaining close to 80 years old now, with her mobility problems.

The inventor of Smoke Shield, Dr. Nick Welch, is speaking about household fire security with The Survival Mom, Lisa Bedford, on Thursday, September 26, at four p.m. You can watch it on this non-Facebook hyperlink (just click to join) OR on The Survival Mom’s Facebook web page. Nick will share his finest residence fire survival recommendations and clarify extra about Smoke Shield. There will be time for Q&ampA, also.

In the meantime, just how fire-prepared is your household? Can you answer these queries to your satisfaction?

  1. How quite a few fire extinguishers do you have in your household? Exactly where are they positioned?
  2. How quite a few smoke alarms do you have and do you know for positive their batteries are active?
  3. For each and every and each and every area in the residence, how could somebody escape a fire if there was no other way out? Preserve in thoughts the ages and physical/mental situation of each and every loved ones member.

Smoke Shield information can be located at this hyperlink. It is worth taking a appear and adding this extra layer to your residence fire preps.


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