Lies, Damned Lies, and (Gun Manage) Statistics


PATRIOT POST.US August 26, 2019 –  In Chapters from My Autobiography, beloved
American humorist Mark Twain wrote, “There are 3 types of lies: lies,
damned lies, and statistics.” And perhaps nowhere in the spectrum of the American
political debate are statistics employed far more deceptively than in the debate more than
gun manage.

At initial
glance, there is a single statistic that is especially damning for opponents of
gun manage namely, that most of the Major 10 states for highest prices of gun
deaths are conservative, pro-Second Amendment “red” states. In other words, the
states most determined to safeguard their gun rights are the states most probably
to endure from higher mortality prices due to “gun violence.”

gun-manage advocates claim that in “blue” cities/states like Chicago, exactly where
death prices from firearms are higher, neighboring states like Indiana and
Wisconsin (with far more lenient gun laws) are to blame, enabling criminals to
simply acquire firearms that are then transported across state lines.

As you
could have currently guessed, there’s far more to the story.

it tends to make no sense to blame Indiana and Wisconsin for Chicago’s higher price of
violent crime. Very first, fewer guns employed in Chicago crimes originate from Indiana
and Wisconsin (significantly less than 30%) than originate from Chicago (40%). And logic
would dictate (if the pro-gun-manage argument is to be believed) that the price
of violent crime would be highest exactly where guns are most simply accessible, and
would drop with distance from the epicenter. Conversely, crime would surely
should really plummet in a spot like Chicago, exactly where guns are largely prohibited and
strictly regulated.

Statistically, the argument is also also simplistic. Yes, the highest prices of gun deaths are in “red” states with far more lenient gun laws, but that does not inform the entire story. For instance, in the state with the highest price of gun deaths per capita, Alaska, suicide accounted for 80% of these deaths. In the state with the second-highest price, Alabama, suicides accounted for 52% of gun deaths. Nationally, suicide accounts for almost two-thirds of all gun deaths. Universal background checks would not do a great deal to stop a person from committing suicide who is determined to do so.

There is
also the truth that, given that 1968, federal law has declared any individual who “has been
adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to any mental
institution” is barred from possessing or acquiring firearms.

So what we should really actually be focused on is decreasing the quantity of homicides in which guns are employed. The query is, where are these homicides occurring? [Read More]


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