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September 26th, 2019

NRL22 Rimfire Tactical Matches are Enjoyable and Inexpensive

NRL22 rimfire tactical steel targets KYL JC Steel hangers

The National Rifle League (NRL) began off sponsoring significant centerfire tactical matches, comparable to PRS competitions. That proved productive and the NRL added a .22 LR Rimfire series, named NRL22. The NRL22 rimfire discipline has been a achievement, as rimfire guns are enjoyable to shoot and ammo is quite economical. The most well-known NRL22 matches have drawn up to 150 rimfire competitors. Get a lot more information at

NRL22 is a fantastic way to get into competitors shooting with minimal expense. There are 5 (five) classes: Open, Base, Ladies, Young Guns (eight-16), and Air Rifle. Open Class has no price tag limits on rifle and optic. Base Class is for the spending budget-minded shooter — the combined MSRP of Rifle and Optic may possibly not exceed $1050.00 (so you could devote $550 on a rifle and $500 on a scope for instance). That keeps the sport economical. Youth, Ladies, and Open Class have no dollar limitations. Go to to locate an NRL22 match close to you.

NRL22 rimfire tactical steel targets KYL JC Steel hangers

The two videos above from Lengthy Variety Shooters of Utah function footage from the January 2019 course of fire from the NRL22 Rimfire Competitors Series. Note the snow-capped hills in the reduce video. Beneficial commentary explains how competitors establish their shooting positions.

NRL22 Publishes Month-to-month Courses of Fire
This video from a Utah NRL22 Match functions shooters from every single of the 4 rimfire classes. With the NRL22 system, scores from from neighborhood matches like this are ranked against scores from other matches nationwide. In advance of match dates, publishes five courses of fire to be employed in that month. The course of fire will normally involve two prone stages, 1 positional, 1 barricade, and a firth that can be any of these. Facts of the course of fire such as target distances, target sizes, time limits, and barricade profiles are listed at

Official NRL22 Rimfire Steel Target Package
This video evaluations the official NRL22 Rimfire Steel Target Kit. Crafted by JC Steel Targets from AR500 steel, this kit from JC Steel Targets consists of eight hanging targets, four KYL (Know Your Limits) targets, plus all required Hangers. That is lot of steel and hardware for $329.99.

NRL22 rimfire tactical steel targets KYL JC Steel hangers

About NRL22 Tactical/Sensible Competitors
NRL22 tactical precision Airgun Air rifle classThe objective of NRL 22 is to make Precision Rifle competitions a lot more obtainable to just about every neighborhood. Even so, practically all localities have access to 100-yard ranges and most shooters personal a .22 LR rifle. The NRL22 system is developed so any facility with a 100-yard variety can host matches. Participants at neighborhood NRL22 events can then attend a National Championship. NRL22 at the moment has 4 classifications: Open, Base, Ladies, and Young Guns (eight-18 age). Air Rifle will be the new fifth class. For the 2018/2019 Competitors Season, more than 700 shooters attended NRL22 matches. In the 2019/2020 Competitors Season, the NRL22 expects significanct development and is excited to welcome new members and clubs.

NRL22 rimfire tactical steel targets KYL JC Steel hangers

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