Saturday Carry: Daily Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


David Sproles, Private Economic Advisor (age 49) from Murfreesboro, Tennessee (good town) sends his Saturday carry.  Not confident why Saturday’s unique than Monday via Friday, but that is America.  Freedom to do what you want when you want.

Like me, he likes his GLOCK 19.  Not confident if he likes it since it is the ideal he’s got, or if he comes back to it since he’s committed to it with gun, magazines, carry rigs, pouches, extra magazines and other accessories.

David writes:

I have various pistols that I will go to and attempt (immediately after instruction with it) but continually come back to my Glock 19. Really hard to beat the size, (concealability) and really feel of this superb pistol.  Couple this with a excellent holster and the BlueAlpha Low profile EDC belt…awesomeness!

I have to admit he sounds sort of new to carrying, but what ever.   He has a strong lineup, assuming he’s not Mexican carrying that GLOCK with the Olight PL-MINI two VALKYRIE 600.  Appears like he likes Olights.

In addition to the light on the gun, he has Olight M1T plus light, a reload, and a Leatherman Skeletool multi-tool.

As opposed to most, he contains his belt, a good Blue Alpha Gear nylon 1.5″ belt.

Query:  Does any person put on a leather gun belt any longer?   I know leather carry rigs are uncommon these days.  Are leather gunbelts equally as uncommon?


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