Standard Men and women Preparing for TEOTWAWKI


Producing our house into 1 exactly where we can function without the need of what we believe of as comforts is not an quick process.  Making Your Residence Your Castle and offering for your loved ones in a tricky predicament is challenging, but doable.  This week’s post flows completely out of that.  What do you do to retain that “Castle” protected from the harsh globe about you?  How do you present for safety for your loved ones?  And what are the consequences if you cannot? All of these are inquiries we’re going to tackle now.

Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Safety, Security, and Bugging OutSecurity

Think about what products you are going to have on hand to retain your self protected.

Bow and Arrows

I really feel like we oftentimes discount a bow and arrows for complete-fledged firearms.  I do think that firearms are vital, but I believe that there are lots of items that we can nevertheless use a bow and arrow for.  It gives extra of a sense of stealth if you do not want to clue somebody in that you are there. It is some thing that you need to take into consideration.


Now is the time to be taking into consideration which firearms you are going to use and/or obtain in between now and then.  Have a strategy to obtain them and the ammo for them.  Have a strategy to practice applying them!  If you want an AR (assuming Beto does not come to be president) do you know of a spot that you can practice firing it?  You have to have to contemplate it ahead of you invest in 1.  Know how to clean each and every of your firearms.  Take a class if you have to have to.  Even our regional neighborhood college has classes in how to clean your firearm.

Smoke bombs

You may possibly laugh, but 1 of the science experiments that my youngsters did for science two years ago was producing a smoke bomb!  And in a TEOTWAWKI predicament, that could come in further handy!!

Homemade explosives

My oldest daughter LOVES each science and math – and even although she’s graduated, she is continuing to study each on her personal time.  According to her, producing homemade explosives to defend your self for the duration of TEOTWAWKI is not outdoors of most people’s attain.  It is some thing that you could want to study up on and contemplate.

Security  Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Safety, Security, and Bugging Out

I’ve written on the distinction in between SHTF safety and each day safety and various of these products are pertinent right here.

Safety signifies that you blend in

Take a appear at the homes about you.  What do they appear like?  Are there broken windows?  Do the yards appear like they haven’t been touched in a lengthy time?  What ever is ‘normal’ seeking for your street at the time, your yard and property need to appear the similar.  Your 1st line of defense is to blend in.

Safety signifies that you do not promote that somebody is living there

You do not want persons seeing lights, hearing sounds, or smelling scrumptious meals!  Go outdoors your property.  Take a appear about.  What do you see that appears standard now, but would clue somebody in that there is some thing worth defending for the duration of tricky instances.  Do you have motion sensor lights?  How about safety cameras?   Both of these broadcast the truth that you have got stuff you do not want persons to steal.  Guess what?  It is human nature.  You have stuff – other persons do not.  They’ll want to take yours.  On the other hand, if your property appears deserted, there’s no cause why persons will have to come to verify it out.

Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Safety, Security, and Bugging OutDo not let other persons see what you are undertaking, but watch for other persons

You do not want to engage in activities that other persons can see.  Do not go out gardening if other persons can appear into your yard (I am so thankful for our privacy fence!).  Do not hang dry your garments outdoors if persons can see them.  Stay clear of getting observed outdoors.  This is a excellent time to go back to the post on guerilla gardening.  It is all about generating a garden that does not appear like a garden.  It is a excellent way to develop meals so that no 1 knows what you are undertaking.  It creates safety.  The concept is not to show your self.

So apart from not displaying your self, the opposite is also correct.  You need to often have somebody on guard – preferably in various spots.  This is exactly where possessing a survival group comes in definitely handy.  You can ban collectively with your neighbors for the safety of your whole neighborhood.  Distinctive persons can be assigned to distinctive areas at distinctive instances for the very good of your whole neighborhood.  The additional out the perimeter is from your property and the homes of the other persons that you have brought into your group, the much better off everybody will be.  If difficulty is on the way and you cannot defend yourselves, it offers you extra time to get out just in case.

Start out pondering via now, how you would go about defending your neighborhood, exactly where you could block it off, and exactly where you could spot lookouts.  Assume about exactly where you can see you out, but persons wouldn’t be capable to see in.  Exactly where can you see the furthest?  Exactly where can you station a appear-out to give your persons the most notice if extra danger is coming than you can manage as a group?

Then that brings us complete circle to when you have extra difficulty than you can take care of as a group.  What do you do?

….You Bug Out  Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI -

Yes!  There is a time for bugging for the duration of TEOTWAWKI, but it is not upfront.  The only way that you need to be bugging out is if you cannot (pretty safely) keep place!  But there May well come a time that you may possibly have to bug out.  What do you do when you have to leave?

Have a strategy!

To exactly where are you going to bug out?  Please, start preparing NOW.

  • Discover two-four locations that are possibilities for you to go.  Appear in distinctive directions.  If you know that a group of marauders is coming from the east, then you may possibly want to go north or south from exactly where you are.
  • Get permission from each and every of the persons that you want to keep with.  Make certain that you get permission for as quite a few persons as you strategy to bring.  If you believe that you are going to finish up taking in your in-laws, your parents, your cousins…..get permission for them to come with you NOW.
  • Have a way to communicate with the locations that you could be going.  Do you have a ham radio and know how to operate it?  Is your antenna massive adequate to attain repeaters so that you can communicate with the persons in the locations that you strategy on going?  You do not want to show up to uncover out that the persons in these locations had to leave ahead of you got there and all the things is gone.  Or worse but, you stroll into an ambush simply because you couldn’t get in touch with the persons beforehand.

Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Safety, Security, and Bugging OutHow are you going to get there?

  • Make certain everybody going (if there are several automobiles) knows the route you are going and exactly where to meet if you get separated.
  • Take into consideration obstacles along the way.  Will you have to drive across bridges that could be destroyed or closed?  Will you have to have to drive close to a nuclear energy plant that could be providing off radiation.  Do you know exactly where the nuclear energy plants are?  If not this map will show you exactly where they are.  I was flabbergasted to uncover out that my state has extra than any other state out there!! UGH!  You do not want to have to drive via radiation on your way to bug out.
  • How significantly gas will you have to have to get there?!? Can you do it on 1 tank?  If not, how will you stockpile adequate gas to get Every person who desires to go there – in particular if it will take extra than 1 automobile?

What are you going to do to present for your self when you get there?

  • What will you bring with you?  Will you currently have products at the place?  Whilst there is a excellent advantage to splitting your stockpile (at least a small), there is also a excellent danger.  How are you going to manage it if the persons with which you strategy to keep do not stockpile adequate and use yours?  What if they get raided?  What if they take in extra persons than they believed ahead of you get there and they have to have to dip into your meals?
  • Have a Bug Out Bag prepared to go, but keep in mind if you have a automobile (or two) complete of loved ones, you will not be capable to take also significantly with you!  And if some thing takes place on the road and you have to stroll, you do not want to carry a bunch of heavy items.
  • If you have to bug out, often make certain that you are wearing your most sturdy and most comfy pairs of footwear.  These two items need to intersect.  If you do not have a sturdy/comfy pair of footwear now, commence attempting distinctive ones out, so you can uncover the fantastic 1 if you have to have it.

Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKI - Safety, Security, and Bugging OutAre you going collectively in a group or is everybody in your group going to go a distinctive path?

  • If you have place collectively a survival group, are you all going collectively?  Or will everybody go in a distinctive path if you have to have to leave?
  • So, you may possibly have currently gotten permission from your bug out place for Mom, in-laws, random cousin, and so on, but is everybody from your survival group (neighbors and so on) going collectively?  Did you get permission from your bug out areas to bring that huge of a group of persons?

Normal People Preparing for TEOTWAWKIEmotional Influence of Bugging Out

When I get to this spot pondering via bugging out and TEOTWAWKI, I believe of the scene in The Walking Dead (just as a disclaimer – I watch it applying VidAngel – there are components to the show that I do not care to watch) exactly where there is an emergency and everybody loads up collectively in buses, automobiles, and a motorcycle at the prison to leave collectively.  That 1 scene has such an emotional effect.  I do not know about you, but I felt like the group was ‘safe’ there and now they are back to insecurity.  It is was a big emotional blow to me as a viewer.

Now take that and multiply it by a million.  That is how it is going to really feel if you have to leave your house for the duration of TEOTWAWKI.  You will almost certainly by no means go back.  You will almost certainly by no means really feel pretty as safe once again!  Your youngsters will definitely really feel the struggle in their hearts.  These are all items to believe about and prepare for NOW.

What About You?

How have you looked at security, safety, and the possibility of bugging out for the duration of TEOTWAWKI?  What in the post has shocked you?  How do you really feel you could much better prepare your self right after reading this post?  Please share with us beneath in the comments so that we can all be much better ready.

Collectively let’s Adore, Study, Practice, and Overcome

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