The Coup Has Begun – The Empire Strikes Back Everywhere ⋆


Authored by Tom Luongo,

“I am altering the deal, pray I do not alter it any additional.”

– Darth Vader, “The Empire Strikes Back”

You know I believe there are no coincidences in politics.
All the things occurs on a specific schedule. So when I see a day as
crazy as now I have to ask the query, “Why this, why now?”

Appear at the headlines and you will see what I’m speaking about. All of these factors occurred because I woke up at 7:30am Monday  morning in Florida:

  1. The British Supreme Court just arrogated unprecedented energy to
    itself by inserting itself into any dispute amongst the Government and
    Parliament. This upends extra than 300 years of constitutional course of action.
  2. The Democrats have announced they will pursue impeachment charges
    against President Trump mainly because an unverified, hearsay whistleblower
    created a complaint about a telephone contact amongst Trump and Ukrainian
    President Volodymyr Zelenski. Impeachment odds soared overnight as
    a person was tipped off about the Democrats’ strategy.
  3. Bitcoin’s hashrate mysteriously flash-crashed extra than 40% presaging a enormous $1500 drop in price tag.
  4. Donald Trump delivered a blistering critique of socialism at the
    United Nations Common Assembly. Also poor he’s practically as poor as the ones
    he’s fighting on the far left.
  5. Europe’s Trio of Faded Glory — The UK, France and Germany — joined
    in the chorus of unverified condemnation of Iran in the attack on the
    Saudi oil field on the 14th.
  6. The Federal Reserve continues to bail out banks to the tune of $65
    to $75 billion per day by means of overnight repo operations that no one particular can
    give us an explanation as to why they’re required.

This feels to me like a multi-level coup against these
that dare stand athwart the international energy structure. Each British and
American leadership institutions are below sincere attack with these

The not-so-subtle message is, “We personal you. We are in manage and
generally will be.” Your champions will be harassed till they are
entirely neutered and bereft of any capacity to implement the alterations
you want.

Meanwhile, the edifices of manage that have been erected for your
advantage are crashing and need even extra help. So, it is time to
attack the validity of something you may well be thinking about to safeguard
oneself from the chaos we’ve produced.

Democratic referenda are ignored. Bitcoin mysteriously has its
network attacked. Unpopular parliaments ignore the individuals and stay in
energy. Centuries of tradition and convention thrown out the window to
serve the subsequent massive factor.

The globe is going to finish in eight years, according to an 16 year-old
Swedish girl with PTSD and anxiousness problems but we’re supposed to
trust in the inevitability and permanence of transnational
super-governments to forestall the apocalypse?

When you shed manage of the narrative, when you spin a story out of
complete cloth all you can do is double down. This is what the Democrats
are performing in the case of Ukraine.

They have to keep on the offensive against Trump mainly because if they
do not their lead candidate (yeah, proper!) for President is disgraced.
So, the all-natural factor to do is, Alinsky-like, accuse Trump of the incredibly
factor that Joe Biden did and was caught on tape braying about like the jackass he is.

It is more than this that Trump is to be impeached?

Daring to reveal the truth about an problem of genuine corruption in a
nation deeply implicated in the fake collusion story initially
intended to get rid of him from the Oval Workplace? This somehow hits the
typical of Higher Crimes and Misdemeanors?

It does when we reside in a globe ruled by guys, not laws.

Trump was, for all intents, acquitted currently in any obstruction of
justice charges more than RussiaGate. So how is his exhorting a foreign
counterpart to appear into genuine corruption committed by a person
hugely-connected to a former U.S. Vice President something other than him
performing his job?

It is his job to prosecute malfeasance of government officials is it not?

Trump’s move to release the un-redacted transcripts of the
telephone contact was the proper move. And the Democrats’ continued pursuing of
this will most likely make them appear like morons.

But here’s the rub. Take a lesson from the British fiasco. The
complete course of action by means of the courts was a sham. The conclusion was
foregone the moment the challenge was filed to Johnson’s proroguing of

The rest was theater mainly because the Supreme Court was generally going to make a decision this way.

So guess what? The Democrats would not be pushing for this if they ddin’t believe they have the votes in the House and the Senate to get this completed. Ignore the traditional wisdom on this. They had been incorrect in the UK.

They will be incorrect right here, unless Trump has some thing else up his sleeve.

His removing John Bolton and refusal to attack Iran is driving the
neoconservatives to apoplexy. They want their holy war against the
apostate Shi’ites and they will get it. Mike Pence will be their avatar
till such time as he can be removed by means of a sham election in 2020.

If this wasn’t the case they wouldn’t be risking what’s left of their
political future defending a senile old man, Joe Biden, who they do not
in fact want to be the candidate anyway.

It is a coup people.

And the complete court press is on in this coup for your sanity and to
radicalize you into violence. They are daring us to strike back right here so
then they can be justified in going on complete lockdown and cancel future

They have to do this. Their economic markets are in the early stages
of collapse. The dollar liquidity crisis has began which will drain
Europe of its life blood.

This has the really feel of these months major up to Bear
Stearns’ dissolution which culminated in Lehman Bros. in 2008, which
broke the engine of the globe.

The elite reacting this way is predictable. They had been generally going
right here. But the dilemma is that although you can make some thing awful legal,
it does not make it proper. And individuals know what’s proper and what is fair.
Breaking the compact amongst rulers and the ruled sets a harmful
precedent for reciprocal violence.

For the reason that overthrowing a President for performing his job and destroying
government to nullify a democratic referendum are points of no return.

Brits and Americans alike are mastering the terrible lesson
that it is time to place away childish factors like representative
government and that elections matter.
They do not. You will be presented with practically nothing but Hobson’s Alternatives from right here forward.

The image you hold in your head of your nation is not the reality of the one particular you reside in.

The dystopia is genuine.

*  *  *


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