The Field Box Evaluation: Plano Vs Sheffield


Field boxes certain come in handy. When these are generally referred to as ammo cans also, a lot of men and women are working with them to shop a selection of products. Right here are a couple of benefits and makes use of for all field boxes. Let’s be clear that these boxes are created to be a much less pricey and from time to time much easier to discover version of the military forms that are created of metal.

Plastic field boxes are powerful adequate for most wants and they will in no way rust like a metal ammo can.

  • Waterproof
  • Influence-resistant
  • Stackable (Though you have to stack the identical brand on each and every other. Extra on this later.)
  • Space effective
  • Produced to hold heavy loads

The Field Box Evaluation: Plano Vs Sheffield

Typical Expense: Below $7

These are generally discovered at Wal-Mart and a lot of sporting goods shops. For storage at household and holding ammo, they have worked really effectively.

Typical Expense: Below $11

This is the initially time I have purchased this brand. Soon after taking as close a appear as I could on line, I ordered 1. I discovered mine on Amazon. I am not certain what other shops sell this brand.

Two unique components led me to appear at other field boxes beyond Plano. Initial I wanted a field box that would match particular products so it required to be slightly taller than the Plano’s we currently owned. I also wanted to see how substantially tougher of a box you would get for a roughly 30% greater expense.

Sheffield gives additional locking solutions.

On the Sheffield, you can pick to lock your box on either side or use the metal hasp in the middle. When 3 locks is likely a bit substantially you could undoubtedly have that quite a few if you wanted to.

The Plano has a single locking alternative. For a lot of people, that is lots. For instance, if you are working with these to shop simple products, specially these you want quick access to at all occasions, possibilities are you are not going to lock just about every single ammo can or field box you personal.

The space inside is a bit unique. The Sheffield box has thicker plastic everywhere.

Major: Sheffield Field Box
Bottom: Plano Field Box

The Plano box would not hold a six-inch wide book placed on its side but the Sheffield would. The seal to retain out water and dust is additional substantial on the Sheffield.


Suitable: Sheffield Field Box
Left: Plano Field Box

The hinges are additional substantial on the Sheffield Field Box and they are reinforced with additional ribbing.


Left: Plano Field Box
Suitable: Sheffield Field Box

It is worth noting that the ribbing is far better on the Sheffield. If you program on storing really heavy products.

Major: Sheffield Field Box
Bottom: Plano Field Box

Stacking Field Boxes

Ammo cans or field boxes are created to lock collectively if you stack them on top rated of 1 a different. The challenge is that stacking unique brands collectively does not generally perform so effectively. In the case of Sheffield and Plano, it does not perform out to stack them collectively. Plano stacks on top rated of Plano and Sheffield on Sheffield.

That becoming mentioned, the Sheffield boxes do stack and lock collectively additional securely so if you want to stack boxes higher, this may possibly be an essential characteristic to take note of.


The handles are lots powerful on each but the Sheffield has additional ribbing and reinforcement which suggests if you are carrying a lot of weight, it is going to hold up far better more than time. There is a large distinction among lifting and moving items a lot and just stashing a box someplace.


Each field boxes are sturdy and trusted. For each day use, the Plano gives an exceptional worth but for safety and general sturdiness and sealing, the Sheffield is a far better box.

I feel that we will just retain shopping for Plano unless we genuinely will need the added sturdiness or if we are worried about significant water intrusion more than the years.

Bear in mind that though these are powerful plastic, if an individual genuinely desires to get into either, they are going to do it with a bit of ingenuity. The safety is adequate to dissuade some or at least retain items safely stored away from kids. Each of the boxes reviewed in this post are cost-effective so for some, it may possibly be a superior notion to have a couple of of each and every for unique purposes.

Is there a brand of field box you advocate? Do you have any knowledge with Plano or Sheffield Field Boxes?


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