The Neighbor’s Big UNDERGROUND BUNKER!!! | Hello Neighbor Gameplay (Mods)


The Neighbor’s HUGE UNDERGROUND BUNKER!!! | Hello Neighbor Gameplay (Mods)

The largest underground bunker……and the NEIGHBOR Designed IT!!!Come to be Element of the #Dakpack:

What’s up MA DUDES!!!! How is it going now? Currently we are going to be playing Hello Neighbor with a crazy mod that brings us down underground into a giant bunker basement. This basement is match with kitchens and survival gear for the neighbor to final an apocalypse. We are sneaking into this secret space in his residence and roleplaying as a kid named Louie who is attempting to survive the Neighbor’s reign. We are possessing so a great deal exciting as this mod for Hello Neighbor is so great. This basement is SO Significant and lets us run about in underground pools and giant forts! We are roleplaying as the neighbor as properly as we give him a voice, use our imaginations, and mess about as we take all of his stuff and move into his residence! Join me on this great and funny adventure to see what lies in the underground Hello Neighbor Bunker! Delight in.
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Mod By: 2003se

Sound Technician: Zorro Sengupta

Video Edited By: Cory Johnson
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Game Information:

Hello Neighbor is a Stealth Horror Game about sneaking into your neighbor’s residence. You play against an sophisticated AI that learns from your each and every move. The Neighbor gathers all the details about the player’s actions, choices, movements and so forth. Possessing analyzed it, he comes up with counter-actions, traps and distinctive techniques against the player. The extra a single plays, the extra knowledgeable the Neighbor becomes.

Ending: Back Once more by Lemmino

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