Third Episode Of ‘The Extended Dark’ Drops Subsequent Month


  • Two years immediately after The Extended Dark’s initially two episodes premiered.
  • Entitled Crossroads Elegy.
  • Encounter the events of Wintermute from Astrid’s point of view.


Players of the game The Extended Dark will quickly have a new explanation to break the winter survival gear back out, as immediately after a lengthy wait the game’s story mode Wintermute is lastly getting its extremely anticipated third episode. It is been a tiny more than two years due to the fact The Extended Dark launched out of Steam Early Access, releasing with the game’s initially two episodes. Items would go back to the drawing board as the narrative was far more flushed out with the initially two episodes finding the redux therapy, and it was initially planned for episode 3 to launch in December final year.

Right after a roller coaster ride of modifications, rises and falls, Episode 3: Crossroads Elegy will be releasing subsequent month on October 22. Crossroads Elegy switches the point of view from Will Mackenzie, to Astrid Greenwood. Facts are scarce at present, but the new point of view is supposed to shed far more light on the story of the divorced couple and their struggles to survive for the duration of the events of the Wintermute. There are nevertheless hints that this episode might be a tipping point in the narrative, becoming the third of 5 episodes, and the context of a weblog post issued yesterday via Steam.

Episode 3: CROSSROADS ELEGY is the culmination of the foundational function we did in REDUX, and presents a series of events skilled from Astrid’s point of view. In our personal way, and in our personal style, it moves the story forward. I do not count on all of you to like it. But it is a story that is correct to the planet of The Extended Dark, correct to Astrid, and I think, also correct to the planet we reside in nowadays.

What ever is going to occur in the third episode, sounds like it is going to be a divisive moment for the fandom. Element of the post “true to the planet we reside in today” might possibly speak to an typically observed dog consume dog nature exactly where awful conditions bring out the worst in persons in the name of survival. Are we going to see betrayal? Abandonment? Lies and deception? We’ll get the possibility to locate out subsequent month. Are you a single of the numerous that have been waiting on the new entry for The Extended Dark? Or are you far more of a fan of the game’s survival mode element?



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