Trip Report – Forest Knights May well Trip to Finland


Final year, wanting to make some time for my son and get him out in the wilderness a bit, I make contact with Wayne Jones of Forest knights (effectively recognized on the forum) to see irrespective of whether his canoeing trip in Finland would be appropriate.

Just after a bit of too’ing and fro’ing, the facts have been finalised &amp a couple of mates decided to join me and my six year old son.

I will not go into packing facts, but I did my very best to preserve it minimal.


Initially off, we flew with Norwegian from Gatwick, meeting Wayne and the gang at the airport just before flying out. The expertise of verify in was just about pleasurable with significantly less than 10 minutes amongst the electronic verify in desks and dropping our bags off at oversize baggage – rucksacks it turns out, of any size, have to be dropped off at oversize and very best of all, no queue.

Arriving in Finland, we took possession of two employ vehicles and travelled north north east. We stopped at a service station for dinner (a a great deal distinct proposition to UK primarily based service stations) to &amp via Antolla to some cabins in the woods to invest the nights. The trip took about three-three.five hours.

Tina, renter of canoes and owner of the cabins showed us round, 1st was the regular &amp wonderful old Finnish cabin and the 2nd, the contemporary cabin with slightly far more area for several of us to bed down in. The contemporary cabin had not too long ago had electrics installed and a water filter – each of which Tina seems to look at pure luxury. They’re a hardy bunch these Finns. What is awesome is that just about half the residence is provided more than to Sauna. On arrival the Sauna was on and hot and it was lightly raining. For some, the outdoors WC was a new expertise, getting the 1st of the weeks composting toilets. A very good sauna and a dip in the spectacular lake was our introduction to our forthcoming week.


The following morning we packed up and headed out. If there’s any assistance I can supply is to take lots of dry bags. The far more the merrier. I ended up leaving my rucksack in the automobile along with a transform of clothing. All the things else came with us in dry sacks. Tina does deliver barrels which are required for the huge quantity of meals which went with us.

We carried our canoes down to the docks from the back of a trailer, loaded up the gear and set out.


Saimaa is vast – lots of patches of open water, thousands of islands – most of them I assume are privately owned, but a couple of are run as public campsites, no cost of charge and include at least a fire location, axe, saw, modest wood retailer, composting loo and bins. As this was the May well expedition, we seldom came across anybody else, but this also meant that in some areas the wood retailer was operating a small low. Pitching a tent can be difficult, but hammocks are dead basic and we didn’t lack for hang space.



The 1st island we stopped at was also to be our final island on the return trip. It was rather exposed with minimal shelter and almost certainly the most simple. It also was the only a single which has a small uphill stroll to the camping and fire spots. We didn’t remain for the evening, this only getting about an hour away from the setoff point and we pushed on to “sauna island”.


Sauna island’s distinctive promoting point is, unsurprisingly, a sauna. The web page has a really big wood retailer, lots of camping and hammocking spots, a couple of loos and gets really common in the summer season. Ordinarily the expedition stops there just for the evening and pushes on to a couple of other internet sites. The trip there was fantastic – the water was flat as a pancake and the canoes glided via the water just about silently. The ominus black cloud drifting more than on the other hand belied this and I stopped paddling, a mere 15-20 minutes from our finish point to get each my son and I into ponchos. Just as we pulled them on, the heavens opened and I was glad for dry bags and my poncho. In the distance, the group was also scrambling for waterproofs and on arrival at the Jetty, a single of my mates produced what can only be classed as “a vital boating error”. The error is rather basic, if your boat moves away from what you are gripping, let go of either the boat or what you are gripping and make certain you are on what ever surface the majority of your physique is. Make this choice really swiftly.

Just after becoming the 1st particular person to fall in on an expedition in 10 years of operating these events, we pitched camp. Wet gear got dry in the sauna and Joel got the 1st meal of the week on. The meals was hearty and outstanding and it was relatively clear we have been not going to starve in any way.


I’ll confess at this point, I have to have looked absolutely exhausted, I almost certainly complained a bit as effectively as the reality hit residence – I was going to not only be performing the majority of the canoeing (turns our six year olds do not delight in the paddling, just stopping the canoe by sticking their paddle straight down) pitch and strike each hammocks, as effectively as hassle him in and out of bed every day. I couldn’t have carried out this sort of expedition with his age if I was cooking as effectively – it just wouldn’t have been probable. Wayne proved that the trip was relatively versatile – soon after all, you are not booked into internet sites, you can meander about as a great deal as you like. So we stayed pitched on sauna island for a couple of days. The subsequent day we went off for a paddle to a single of the islands which had a relatively substantial hill on it. As element of the trip we portaged more than sauna island (for these who do not know, portaging is carrying your canoe more than ground to reduce out a substantial paddle or untraversable section of river). On arrival, we had lunch and a extended stroll up, round and more than this hill. The circular route brought us up and out onto amazing vistas and gave my son lots of time to inform me all about the virtues of Minecraft in explicit detail.





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