WTT – – TRADE PSE Bowfishing Bow set up for bushcraft knife or tent stove


PSE Wave 30/40 pound draw, up to 30” draw, comes setup prepared to fish! I will have to take the reel, and reel seat off to ship. Shakespeare Ti20 reel, monkey wire 200 lb.test line.reel seat, muzzy fish hook arrow rest, comes with an arrow also, no gloves on string,correct handed, fantastic shape! not beat up, I cannot stand up without the need of a cane any longer let alone shoot a bow so it is time to quit holding onto the previous, and let an individual else get pleasure from this!

Great draw weight, size, and draw length, for any guy, or just about any gal for that matter. Smooth draw, smooth shooting!

Will trade for a good bushcraft knife , or a tent wood stove with pipe. Decrease 48 of US shipping!

This bow, and attachments are all like new!





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