‘Borderlands 3’ Hotfix Brings Zane Buffs, FL4K Nerfs And Gun Balancing


Yesterday, Borderlands three got its 1st important patch to repair some of its technical problems, but players have been asking yourself exactly where any actual balance alterations have been to gameplay. Turns out these are arriving currently in a enormous hotfix that is touching fairly a lot each weapon class in the game, and most of the characters as nicely.

There’s a lot to go by way of, but general I’d say it is a lot much more buffs than nerfs, but your beloved FL4K crit develop did take a bit of a hit.

We’ll start off with the weapons alterations, which naturally came out just immediately after I wrote my list of ideal Legenadries.

Weapon Buffs and Nerfs

  • All Sniper Rifles – Crit Harm +20%, Fire Price +15%, Advertisements Time -15%, Equip Time -20%
  • TEDIORE and Dahl Pistols Harm +15%
  • COV Pistols Harm +20%
  • Jakobs Pistols Harm -15%
  • Torgue Pistols Harm -10%
  • All Maliwan Weapon Harm +25%
  • All Maliwan Fire Price +20%
  • All Atlas Weapon Harm +25%
  • Jakobs AR Harm +20%
  • DAHL SMG Harm +10%
  • Vladof Heavy Harm +25%
  • E-Tech Tediore Shotgun Harm +50%
  • King’s/Queen’s Get in touch with Fire Price -50%
  • Firestorm and Storm Charge Time -1 second

Alright, so, that is a lot. I have usually felt that outdoors of elemental builds Maliwan harm has felt a bit weak, so that is a good alter.

The sniper buff is going to make Lyuda even much more of a monster for boss killing.

I assume absolutely everyone knows that Jakobs revolvers have been also very good. Among this and the Get in touch with nerf, the boss burn on these is going to go down fairly a bit.

Jakobs AR buff suggests my Rowan’s Get in touch with just got superior. DAHL SMG buff suggests the insanely sturdy Evening Hawkinsn got a additional buff. I do not know if Flakker is an E-Tech shotgun, I do not assume it is, but if so, that is an insane buff. All in all, these look okay, and a lot of sturdy items just got stronger.

Zane Buffs

  • Digi-clone Harm +38%
  • Drone Harm +50%
  • No much more Drone Cryo harm penalty
  • Drone Rocket Harm +50%
  • Almighty Ordnance Rocket Harm +75%

I do not assume all these buffs are sufficient to repair Zane, but they absolutely can not hurt. I nonetheless do not assume the drone is going to do all that a lot harm general, and Zane fixes want to involve his ability trees and Class Mods. But once again, I guess you have to start off someplace.

Amara Nerfs/Buffs

  • Guardian Angel now offers 50% overall health on revive, not 100%
  • Glamour harm penalty minimize from -30% to -10%

So Guardian Angel is now worse than just reviving with the complete overall health and shields Guardian Rank perk? Or does it employ that and it is just redundant now? I have to verify. I never ever applied Glamour since of that harm reduction, but I may possibly attempt now.

FL4K Nerfs

  • Guerrillas in the Mist time decreased from eight to six seconds
  • Guerrillas in the Mist crit harm decreased from 50% to 25%

Welp, that really should hit FL4K crit builds decently tough, specifically for boss burning. That is no enjoyable, specifically when this is not becoming paired with any buffs to their pets. That demands to occur ASAP. I assume they’ll nonetheless be decently sturdy even though.


Absolutely nothing for Moze. Absolutely nothing to hurt her invincible grenade develop, practically nothing to buff her mech to make it much more endgame relevant. Huh.

Other Modifications:

Graveward now has much less overall health but he’s also much more resistant to elemental harm

Legendary drops have been “rebalanced” which consists of providing much more loot to kill targets, but much less to bosses like Troy or Rampager

Hollow Point has been disabled for now as it could blow you up regularly and you couldn’t turn it off.

I think that is anything important. I am curious to attempt out Zane now with these buffs, and FL4K to see how a lot their boss burning with the Get in touch with weapons has suffered. But there are general much more buffs than nerfs and so far, I can not see any big problems with this hotfix. Let’s go attempt it out. I assume it is reside at three PM PDT at the most current. Remain tuned for updates.

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