John, a military officer in Colorado (could this be at the Air Force Academy or Cheyenne Mountain?) sends in his off-duty carry for today’s EDC submission.

A Kimber 1911.  Mmm, good.  Can not go incorrect, even if the design and style is approaching 110 years old.  (Probably just possibly it was the original “perfection?”)

Apparently John (him, not me) carries it on an empty chamber although?  Is that military education or just foolishness?  Also curious what he makes use of for a carry rig.  Frankly, I’d empty-chamber a 1911 if sticking it in my pants, but then once again, I’m not higher-speed, low-drag.  Nor am I fluent in 1911 actions.

He clips a Spyderco Delica to his pants.  I like the spidey knives also.  But the Brinkmann flashlight?  Seriously?  Beats these Eveready floating six-volt lanterns, I guess.

The Luminox Diver Navy Seal watch is an fascinating option.  Practically nothing at all incorrect with Luminox other than out of my spending budget, but I hope he’s in the US Navy!  Though final I checked, Colorado didn’t have several seaports.  But then once again, the wife says I’m geographically challenged.  Baloney.  I’ve got the Google (lady) to inform me exactly where to turn.

Excellent on John for carrying whilst off-duty.  And great on him for carrying a flashlight, even if it is not precisely a much more standard self-defense kind torch.

And lastly, but not leastly:  Thank you for your service, John.